Moving On Up: Boris Miljevic

Boris Miljevic

A very creative and talented racer Boris Miljevic is on our radar this month. Keep an eye out for this one!

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Name: Boris Miljevic

Date of birth: November 25, 1984

Place of birth: Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Team: SAK Pro driver

I’ve built my first racing car with my own hands and the help of my friends. We took the Renault Clio and converted it to a proper racing car… well, almost proper.

What was your very first experience of motor racing?

I have been interested in cars and motorsports since I was a little kid. I’ve watched almost every Formula 1 race that I could get on satellite TV back in Bosnia and I remember going with friends to the nearby race track “Zaluzani” to watch a touring cars race in the national circuit championship. My first experience came when I was about 10 years old and it was, of course, karting. After that, I decided to just go for it. I got my first proper racing license when I was 18 and started to compete in the National Rally Championship.

How did you finance your early years?

I’ve built my first racing car with my own hands and the help of my friends. We took the Renault Clio and converted it to a proper racing car… well, almost proper. I signed a 150 EUR sponsorship deal before my first official race. That money could only get me 4 very-used tires at that time. With the help from my family, friends and my own internship funds I earned in Renault Bosnia, and those few bucks from a sponsor I managed to race throughout the rally championship and I won my first championship title. I will never forget the time I was sleeping in tents, cars, other people’s houses as races were far away from my home city and the budget was, let’s say, tight. Those days taught me a lot.

One of the biggest challenges for every driver is to attract sponsorship. What is your recipe for success?

Well, it depends on how you look at sponsorship. It is hard, almost impossible, to get money from other people, so basically you can just race for it. If you separate sponsorship from donation, you can count on success. You need to be aware that you are a product, a marketing tool, a business tool and then you simply need to deliver, to prove it on and off the race track that you are worthy of the attention and funds. All drivers must be aware that successful motorsport businesses need the “golden triangle” (sponsors-audience-media) to work. Be aware of those points, keep networking, talk with people, help others, understand their needs and if you find yourself able to bring more to it, do it.

How do you deal with the competition on the track?

My biggest competitor is myself. I am aware of that and I try to stay mentally relaxed during the week before the race and focus only on teamwork, setups, track, and how to do the cleanest possible run during the weekend. I don’t chase time or other drivers. I know that in the end all comes down to my driving and time will be there on the board in the end anyway. So I always try to do my best and bring home the winning car.

What are your most important career highlights?

Until this date, I have won 13 championship titles on circuit, hill-climb and rally. 7 of those are international and 6 are national. In 2012 I have won the European Race of Champions in Zagreb (Croatia) racing against some of the best drivers in Europe from different racing sectors in equal cars. But if I had to choose one highlight, I would say that it would be the winning of 3 championship titles in one season.



The race starts: 93

Podium finishes: 61

Race victories: 33

Track records: 3

Trophies: 136

Honours and awards: 9

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