My Fantasy F1 Team: Chris Gayle

Uniquely gifted. Exceptional character. He is The Cricketer, an icon from Jamaica. Chris Gayle, aka UniverseBoss. We at Paddock Magazine had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Chris during the Monaco Grand Prix, and he shared his Fantasy F1 Team with us. Be careful; this is an F1 team like no other!

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That’s easy: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. These are not just any drivers; they are the powerhouses of Formula 1, the ones who redefine the limits of speed and skill. Together, they form the unbeatable duo of the UniverseBoss!


When it comes to designing my car, I’m turning to a true icon of style and creativity: Rihanna. Her unique vision and innovative ideas will bring a fresh perspective to the world of Formula 1.

My car won’t just be about speed and power; it’ll be a fashion statement on wheels. With Rihanna’s unique touch, we’ll bring a dash of Caribbean flair to the high-octane world of Formula 1.

Team owner

As the team owner, I’m bringing in the fastest man in the world as my co-owner. Usain Bolt’s unparalleled speed and his deep understanding of the need for speed in Formula 1 make him the perfect addition to our team.

If anybody else wants to buy in, maybe we’ll have a little bit of steak for a guy like LeBron James. So yeah, I’ll leave the door open for investors to come in with my team.

This is my team, and I’m calling the shots. LeBron James, if you’re up for the ride, the door’s open. But for now, it’s the UniverseBoss and Usain Bolt leading the charge.

Team principal

That’s a tricky one. Cristiano Ronaldo will be busy, so I can’t call him. Ah, it’s going to be Jose Mourinho. I’ve been to the F1 with him in Silverstone, and here in Monaco, he’s a very, very good man. He’s actually the chosen one!

Jose Mourinho is my go-to guy, and he’s the team principal, 100%.


I used to be a Mercedes guy; I really like the way they handle their car, so I’ll go along with a Mercedes. Red will take over, but I’ll stick to the Mercedes just because of the brand name, without a doubt.


The colours will actually be black and gold because I like these two colours. My rims will be a bit different. I’d love to add a little gold touch to them as well. Do you know the gold rims?

Very blingy, I can tell you that for sure, as we’ve got to be outstanding on the track because we’re going to be fast. We have two fast, proper drivers. We have two fast owners as well. I’m not sure what touches I need to add, but I will keep the colours going. Black and gold will be the theme colours for sure.

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