My Fantasy F1 Team: Hermann Tilke

Hermann Tilke 2

Hermann Tilke, “the architect of F1”, is one of four designers recognised by the FIA yet has predominantly been the only one to be commissioned to create Formula 1 tracks. We at Paddock magazine are honoured to get the exclusive Mr Tilke’s Formula 1 fantasy set.

The driver: 1386887907000-CONNERY-JAMES-BOND

That would be James Bond, of course, Her Majesties agent 007, because he is a true professional, has nerves of absolute steel, a keen eye, does not age, does not make mistakes, takes risks. Oh, did I tell you that he always, always wins? I don’t even need a second driver then.

The designer: pablo-picasso

I would choose Pablo Picasso for a very simple reason – he was a genius in reduction to the essential, so the result would be a spectacularly efficient car.


The Team Principal: web_Angela_Merkel__2352

My fantasy Team Principal would be the German chancellor Angela Merkel. I chose her because she is always on the winning side and if not… she waits the situation out.


The team owner: stevejobs1

Steve Jobs, no doubts about it. In my opinion, he stands for innovation, being one step ahead, going to the edge. His unusual approaches, dedication and creativity would guarantee financial independence to the whole team.


The car: Bobbycar

My car would be the Bobby-Car. It has a timeless design, is basically unbreakable, it’s undoubtedly effective and it runs on every tarmac track.



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