My Fantasy F1 Team: Panos Seitanidis


Panos Seitanidis has been an F1 commentator on Greek TV for the past 12 seasons. In between duties in front of a microphone and as the Editor of a leading Greek motorsport website, Panos gives the Paddock Magazine his fantasy set.

Mercedes may be on a league of their own this season but this is mostly due to the superiority of the power unit. I am not convinced that W05 Hybrid is a far better car than Red Bull Racing’s RB10, and, given the fact that the “Bulls” dominated the past four years, I will go for the Milton Keynes’ child. So my Formula 1 car is definitely crafted by Red Bull.


Current driver breed is, in my humble opinion, one of the best of all times. Count names: Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Massa. A lot of choices available! Unsurprisingly, I would choose the most successful among them – even though I do so for different reasons. At 33 years of age, Fernando Alonso is certainly at his best. Always a fighter, giving 110% and never giving up, highly experienced and with the word “mistake” not part of his dictionary. The Spaniard can turn any team into HIS team and every hater into a dedicated fan. Just think what the tifosi thought of him at the mid-00s and how they have idolised him now. Fernando is a natural born leader and my first choice.
As his teammate, Ι would choose Sebastian Vettel. Yes, he underperforms this year but every driver and every champion deserves the luxury of a bad season – especially this German, who faultlessly destroyed every opponent in the latter half of last season. Intelligent and precise, determined and bloody quick when the car obeys his will. 2014 will only make him stronger.


There are all kinds of team owners in Formula 1, and there certainly should be a variety – from the definite boss Ron Dennis to the totally absent Dietrich Mateschitz. I would personally choose something in between – a team owner that is always around, that has ambitions, but still knows how to throw a nice (boat) party. Yes, Vijay Mallya would be my man for this role.


Newey. Newey? Newey! Do I really need to justify this choice?


Yet another choice from the Red Bull family – Christian Horner. The first time I met him was back in 2006. Eight years and eight titles (4 constructors and 4 drivers) later, he’s still as friendly and polite as ever. Being still only 40 years old, the British mastermind proves that success doesn’t necessarily come with age. The Red Bull environment has given him the freedom to lead the team in his own specific way, which has also proven to be quite a successful way, if I may add. And as every real petrol head would say – “any Team Principal who can bring a Spice Girl to our team’s garage is the Team Principal we want”.

Even though as a mad Olympiacos fan I should pick red, I would undoubtedly go for black. All I can dream of is a lean, mean, black race-winning machine!

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