My Fantasy F1 Team: Zak Brown

Zak Brown

An impressive businessman, racing expert, CEO of McLaren Racing, mister Zak Brown gives the Paddock magazine his fantasy Formula 1 set.

The drivers

As a marketer, my driver would be Tom Cruise. He’s a sponsor’s dream: fast, brave, exciting, and charismatic with a bit of edge. His character in Days of Thunder was the archetypal racing stud.

My second driver, understandably, is Speed Racer – the name says it all!

The designer

The team’s designer would be Ralph Lauren. He forged a mega-brand based on his interpretation of ‘classical cool’, combined with a reputation for craftsmanship. And his love for beautiful automobiles would pervade through everything he touched!

His strong leadership qualities meant many different people accepted him.

The Team Principal

George Washington would surely be my Team Principal. His strong leadership qualities meant many different people accepted him. George excelled at strategy, knew how to lead an army from the front, and he created and led a nation.

The team owner

For the team owner’s position, I’d like to see Mr Donald Trump – just for the sheer entertainment value if not for anything else. A big personality with an even bigger profile, it would be interesting to see how many Formula 1 drivers he’d fire before the first year was out!

The car

The car would have to be the Batmobile. There’s nothing cooler looking. It’s also indestructible, intimidating, full of technology and impressive gadgets. And, most importantly, it’s faster than anything else out there.


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