Nico Rosberg – Footage Compilation 2010 – 2016

Nico Rosberg has played a crucial role in the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team for seven seasons. We are now pleased to offer a “best of” footage compilation from 2010-2016.

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From the official launch of Mercedes GP Petronas and the modern Silver Arrows alongside Michael Schumacher in 2010 … to Nico’s world championship celebrations and farewell in December 2016 at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen.

Follow the 2016 F1 World Champion and his teammates behind the scenes: on-track action, classic hot laps on the Nordschleife, and funny challenges in the cockpit of an Actros truck.

The compilation includes several interviews and statements in German and English.

Here is his post-race interview:

Three hours after the race. Have you already understood that you are a world champion?

Nico Rosberg: It can’t arrive that quickly. It takes a while. The first feeling behind the finish line was a relief. There was still no joy. The race was so tough. To see the checkered flag was so nice. In the run-out round, the tears came first – without end. It’s just so intense. Suddenly the pressure goes away. That is indescribable.

What was the decisive factor this season? From the outside, for example, one had the feeling that you had become tougher in a duel.

Rosberg: Sure, I improved myself there. That was also where Lewis was stronger and got an advantage. And I managed that too. We saw that today.

You changed your approach in the final phase. Why?

Rosberg: It just felt right to just think from race to race. I wanted to keep it simple. The desire to become a world champion was huge. I wanted to keep that away from me. It worked. It played a big part in the success.

When did it start?

Rosberg: Early in the season. After winning so many races straight away, it would have been completely wrong to think about the title. The reason is Lewis Hamilton. He will always strike back. It’s always hard to beat him.

The possibility of Lewis slowing you down was discussed all weekend. Was it expected?

Nico Rosberg: No, I didn’t expect that. Maybe that was a little naive. But we don’t even need to discuss it. You can understand the team’s point of view. We do things the same way all year round and don’t change it just because it’s the last race. But on the other hand, you can also understand Lewis. It’s about the World Cup. He fights and has to try to do something different. I will leave it at that. I won so that I could stand above it.

When your race engineer said that you had to overtake Verstappen. What was going through your head?

Rosberg: I didn’t want to hear that. That was really bad. That was a terrible feeling.

Was that the most stressful part of the race?

Rosberg: That and the last 10 laps. The others came closer. I didn’t know what Lewis was doing or how far he would go. He could have thought of something really extreme. It was tough, just like the fight with Max. When I was past him – it was an incredible feeling. I had never felt anything like this in my entire life. But I don’t necessarily have to have it again.

Was it the toughest race of your career?

Rosberg: Yes, in any case. I couldn’t stop thinking about what this was about. That just didn’t work.

Your engineer said in the last few laps that third place is enough. Have you thought about letting Vettel pass by?

Rosberg: Vettel also had Verstappen right behind him. I really wanted to keep second place. I didn’t know what chaos would have happened up front if Vettel had passed by.

And did you toy with the idea of ​​attacking Lewis?

Nico Rosberg: I tried that. But Lewis did really well. He accelerated from the target curve to halfway through the second sector. You can only overtake there. And I was never close enough. And then he slowed down in the back where you can’t overtake. He managed that perfectly.

Do you sometimes wish for another teammate to make things a little easier for you?

Rosberg: He’s one of the best of all time. And that’s exactly what gives me that extra portion of joy today. Beating Lewis over 21 races – that’s awesome.

What are you particularly proud of this season?

Rosberg: That was definitely my best season, in which I showed my best races. You haven’t seen the right Nico in the last few races. The pressure makes you slower. That was difficult. So I’m glad I mastered it. And in the last few races, you’ve seen the best Lewis. He was no longer under pressure. He was super motivated and fully focused. He worked harder than ever before. And he had nothing more to lose. And I had the pressure of being the World Cup leader. From Suzuka on, the pressure got really big. I had it in my own hands.

What is the best thing about being a world champion?

Rosberg: The best thing is that my friends are here and we can have a big party.

Have you ever thought that the title couldn’t work?

Rosberg: I am always optimistic and have firmly believed in it. But there are always moments when it gets difficult. Like behind Verstappen today and at the end of the race. It’s difficult to remain optimistic.

Niki Lauda says that the first world title is the most difficult. Do you think everything will be easier now?

Rosberg: I can guarantee that it will be difficult. How is the next one? No idea.

Does it make a difference in the relationship in the team that you are both world champions now?

Rosberg: For me, it’s just one more experience that makes me stronger. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any difference.

You have matured to become a world champion yourself alongside world champions. What did you learn from Michael Schumacher?

Nico Rosberg: First of all, I hope he can see that I have won. That would be great. He also has a share in the success. He pushed for 3 years to make the team move forward. That was a very interesting experience. I certainly took a few things with me. He’s the best ever. We pushed each other and surely copied something from each other.

Will your car have the starting number 1, or will it still have the number 6?

Rosberg: I haven’t thought about that yet. The ‘6’ is my lucky number. My father also won with the ‘6’. That’s why I chose it.

How is the party now?

Rosberg: We are the party -World Champion. It’s difficult to beat what else we do. But I think we can do it today.

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