Online Slot Addiction Problems: Signs And Symptoms


For the majority of gamblers, online slot games provide a valuable source of entertainment and way to relax in their spare time. The potential for making a little extra money on the side is obviously a bonus but playing casino games is more of a fun hobby than anything else. Yet sadly for some, the appeal of slots can become too much.

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The hobby turns into an addiction and players can find themselves unable to limit both playing and spending. However, it can be hard to recognise there’s a problem, with a thin line between passionate player and gambling addict. So how do you know when it’s gone too far? Get to know the signs and symptoms that signal there’s an issue and when someone has an online slot addiction.

 The first sign to look out for is the inability to stick to a budget. Our biggest advice for all players, amateur or professional, is to set a spending limit. Whilst nearly everyone does this, some find it difficult to stick to it. Some players find themselves spinning through their bankroll quicker than they expected, losing more money than they set out to. What’s the harm in just placing another tenner they think? If players do this every time they play, the extra amount soon adds up and spending can spiral out of control. It’s so important to play within means and this means knowing when to stop. Don’t be tempted to continue playing even if you feel a lucky streak imminent when the cost of losing could be disastrous.

 Another sign of online slot addiction is the inability to not play. Punters who are addicted to the rush of the game will find it near impossible to take a day off. They may reason with themselves that it’s just a way to pass the time or because they’re only playing for ten minutes it doesn’t really count. That’s not the case. If you find yourself itching to play and almost uncontrollably logging into your app on a daily basis you may be on a downward spiral into addiction. As with spending, we recommend setting a limit. Challenge yourself to a target amount of hours/days per week. Don’t go cold turkey, as this will often be too difficult if you really are obsessed with slots. Instead cut down game time and after a while, you’ll find yourself adjusted much easier.


 So now you know some of the biggest signs and symptoms of online slot addiction. It can happy to anyone and it’s important not to judge anyone who may be struggling. If you recognise these signs in either yourself or a close friend or relative then don’t hesitate to take action. Online slot websites should be a source of entertainment and fun, not create stress and panic. Talking to fellow gambling addicts can also provide valuable coping methods so consider seeking a local group that can provide long-term support and help. As always, we urge everyone to play sensibly and have fun.

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