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The Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG is an exclusively traditional manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe, started back in 1931. It has grown into one of the most significant manufacturers all over the world and today it has a wide range of producers of the highest quality in the mainstream series of motorhomes. The company has been working with the Sahara Force India F1 Team for some time now, so we decided to speak to Florian Pietrzak from Senior Management of Dethleffs.

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Dethleffs and Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team are running a successful behind-the-scenes partnership. The company is the team’s official supplier of two brand new high-end motorhomes for the racers. One of these motorhomes was handed over to Nico Hülkenberg, and Sergio Perez, of course, is in charge of the other one. The two drivers will use these impressive vehicles during all European races.

In 1931, Arist Dethleffs, the founder of the company, developed both the caravan and an inventive new type of holidays. The production of motorhomes started at Isny factory, Germany, in the year 1983. With 800 employees on board, the factory now manufactures up to 10,000 motorhomes and caravans a year.

In 1931, Arist Dethleffs, the founder of the company, developed both the caravan and an inventive new type of holidays.

Florian Pietrzak is completely infected with the virus of motorsports and Formula 1 in particular. Peter Purrmann from the Munich and Middle East-based SX-Consulting Group created the concept of the partnership between Sahara Force India and Dethleffs. The latter is mainly looking for a long-term business relationship and loves the matter of fact that Nico Hülkenberg already is the third German driver in the Formula 1 series that’s using one of their great products. And the global client base of Dethleffs enjoys the fact that Sergio Perez from Mexico is using the second one.

The company, together with suppliers of the concept – SUZUKI, ALKO, ALDE, E&P, ORC, TELECO, TELAIR, RÜHL and RUKU Trailer – created two motorhomes with the most technically and visually unique environment one can find right now.

Florian Hofer, one of the senior managers, noted: “It’s a great honour for all of us to be in a business relationship with such a great and pleasant team. Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Perez are drivers we can easily identify with. They both are so down-to-earth and I can say our clients are truly happy and proud of this partnership with Sahara Force India. And I need to mention the key accounts from the F1 team – Kate, Victoria, Alison and Matt! It’s fantastic to work with them and I appreciate what they do for the partnership every day”.

Otmar Szafnauer, Chief Operating Officer of Sahara Force India, added: “Travel is a big part of the life of an F1 team and the two bespoke vehicles created for Nico and Checo will allow them to maximise their time outside of the car during race weekends without compromising on comfort. Welcoming Dethleffs as our newest partner will provide an extra boost to the team as we continue our championship campaign during the crucial European leg this summer”.

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