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RSR is a very productive company that provides customers from all over the world with affordable all-inclusive track and racing experiences with the highest quality driver instruction. Clients can choose a wide range of cars on racetracks all over the world. We at PADDOCK magazine are honored by Ron Simons himself, who gives his professional opinion about some of the changes in his industry.

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The basics

What do we do? Well, we can make EVERYTHING happen here at RSR with regards to driving special cars on the world’s best racetracks. With a team of 15 highly skilled passionate people and a selection of over 75 cars to choose from, we can make every person’s dreams come true. Currently, we are the largest car rental company at the Nurburgring in Germany as well as being the authorised driving academy at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Both of these tracks are situated in the middle of Europe, making it easy to reach various other famous circuits like Hockenheim, Zolder, Zandvoort, Imola and Monza.

For the off-peak season, we are moving south to beautiful Iberia, which has a large selection of tracks to choose from. We will be based at the brand new facility Autodromo do Algarve also called Portimao. In conjunction, this facilitates an all-year-round driving destination for a global audience. RSR serves clients from Oceania, North and South America, China, Russia and also continental Europe and the UK.

Sooner or later they see that their life is about experiencing something very special and having memories which last long after.


In the past, and still today, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We earned our name in the business for going out of our way to custom design an experience for each and every client, every day, again and again. When you’re in the motorsport industry, improvisation is key due to cars breaking down and the unpredictability of weather at racetracks. Keeping clients happy under these circumstances is always a challenge but hopefully, we’re up for it.

I know what I want and I know what is realistically within our reach. You have to have this kind of perspective because motorsport is still a world of broken promises and unpaid bills. There’s a lot of money going around nowadays and people have realised that it’s not just about having worldly possessions – a new car, house, yacht or plane. Sooner or later they see that their life is about experiencing something very special and having memories which last long after. This is exactly what we try to provide: an unforgettable experience both on and off the track. Take our new destination in the Algarve as an example. This combines all the right constituents such as world-class racetracks, the most stunning scenery, great food, best wines of the world, 5-star accommodation and, of course, like-minded company.

The clientele varies drastically. We have guys who simply want to do a lap of the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife basically just “to get the T-shirt”. Then we get people who want hot taxi laps in our NISSAN GT-R Godzilla-themed taxi lap car. Also, individuals who want to do one of our Advanced Driving School programmes such as the ‘skill’, ‘lap times’ and ‘racing’ packages. These are coaching programs for racing purposes, a program for learning the Nordschleife and a recreational program for corporate clients.

There is one common denominator for every client of ours: having a great time whilst ensuring safety, and enjoying great motorcars on great racetracks.


With RSRNurburg, RSRSpa and RSRIberia, we now cover most of Europe. That way we are able to create packages surrounding a Formula 1 race that allows clients to drive Formula 1 racetracks as well as watch the actual motorsport event.

Our event in November is something that is really exciting and for us – it’s the next big step. Both the Nurburgring and Circuit de Spa, for me personally, are the best racetracks in the world. However, the season is limited to the period from March/April until October/November. The climate doesn’t allow us to plan events outside during this period. Due to a lot of requests for driving between November and March (especially from Oceania and the Far East), we have chosen Iberia as our third base. The weather is a stunning 20 degrees during this period and tracks like Jerez, Monte Blanco, Ascari, Portimao and Estoril are all within reach.

So the winter season is going to be great, and nobody needs to feel depressed in the dark and cold on an ice lake in Finland from now on.

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