Pininfarina Fuoriserie luxury bespoke limited edition bike


This truly is a marvellous tailor-made bike designed by Pininfarina and realized by 43 Milano.

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Due to the name – referring to the custom-built high-performance exclusive cars – the Pininfarina Fuoriserie is a bespoke bike with unique features, a combination of the Pininfarina pure design and the 43 Milano experience and craftsmanship. The jewel on 2-wheels is a mix of tradition and innovation.

The Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina has collaborated with a bespoke bicycle company 43 Milano in giving the world its elegant, custom-made Fuoriserie Bike. The professional team at Pininfarina, best known for the frequent collaborations with the Italian automaker Ferrari, is proving that they can also design pedal-powered machines. The Fuoriserie is limited to just 30 units worldwide.

Tailor-made cars of the 1930s and 40s, served as the inspiration to create a bicycle that celebrates a combination of modern and classical materials. The frame is made of tubes in chromed steel with handmade welds and then topped in sections by a warm walnut briar-root coating. The handlebars and seat are dressed in The Bridge leather referring to the interlaced leather used in the interiors of the Lancia Astura Bocca, a model designed by Pininfarina in 1936.

Pininfarina’s Bike+ booster system, which aims at optimising the hard-working cyclist’s energy using a miniaturised electric engine, allows even the most relaxed rider to cover longer distances without the need to step into the California T quite as often. The Fuoriserie bike also incorporates several technological features such as a miniaturised electric engine, LED lighting, and a “connect the plug system” to recharge mobile phones via the dynamo. Panaracer Ribmo 28-inch racing tyres reinforced with Kevlar anti-puncture material insure the smooth ride while the Campagnolo Veloce brake callipers serve well for the sudden stop.

Price:  10,000
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