52. Duncan Llowarch

Duncan Llowarch
Age 53
Occupation Chief Financial Officer, Formula 1
Nationality British
Position Last Year 56

Duncan Llowarch was named Chief Financial Officer at Formula 1 in 2002 and has continued to serve in this role following Liberty Media Corporation’s acquisition of the business in 2017, having previously worked as CFO under various owners, including CVC Capital Partners.

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Duncan Llowarch is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Prior to working at Formula 1, Mr Llowarch worked in the audit practise at Ernst & Young.

When Liberty took over there was a lot of hiring, to create a proper structure but many of Ecclestone’s old guard remain, including the chief legal officer Sacha Woodward Hill, who has been with F1 since 1996; Ian Holmes, the global director of media rights, who joined in 2001; the chief financial officer, Duncan Llowarch, who joined F1 in 2002; and Chloe Targett-Adams, the director of promoters and business relations (who creates the F1 calendar), who was hired in 2009.

Among the post-Liberty takeover hiring’s are F1’s sporting director Steve Nielsen; Ellie Norman, the director of marketing & communications; Frank Arthofer, the global head of digital media and licensing; and recent recruit Ben Pincus, the director of commercial partnerships. It’s a strong group, by all accounts, and so while Domenicali brings new ideas, there is likely to be some stability as well – all of which is good news for the sport.

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