59. Ben Pincus

Age 51
Occupation Director, Commercial Partnerships, Formula 1
Nationality British
Position Last Year 72

Heineken sponsorship director Ben Pincus joined Formula 1 as its director of commercial partnerships. He reports directly to CEO Chase Carey as the organisation continues to evolve following the recent departure of erstwhile commercial chief Sean Bratches.

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Ben Pincus replaced Murray Barnett, who held the slightly different title of director of sponsorship and commercial partnerships, and who is leaving the company this week. The incoming Pincus has demonstrated his potential value over the past four years with his role at key F1 partner Heineken International, a title sponsor of several races.

He joined the beer brand initially as a sponsorship consultant in March 2016, before heading up the F1 deal the following January, and then becoming sponsorship director last year. His role was widened in 2021 and now Ben Pincus is responsible for partnerships that include sponsorship, licencing & digital assets.

Prior to that, he held a variety of roles at advertising and marketing agencies, including a spell with Zak Brown’s JMI organisation.

He is also a co-founder of Robinson Pincus and Clearview Sports & Entertainment Data marketing companies.

As well as motorsport, he has been involved in sponsorship deals in football, tennis, golf and sailing.

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