7. Lawrence Stroll

Lawrence Stroll
Age 61
Occupation Executive Chairman, Aston Martin Lagonda
Nationality Canadian
Position Last Year 12

Lawrence Stroll became Executive Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda in April 2020 after leading a strong investment consortium to take a shareholding in the Group.

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The Canadian businessman is famed for acquiring and building up luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Asprey and Garrard, and also for his passion for the luxury automotive and motorsport sectors. Stroll’s role as Executive Chairman demonstrates that he is actively engaged in the future of Aston Martin Lagonda.

Stroll’s career began over 30 years ago when his family acquired the Pierre Cardin children’s wear licence for Canada.

In 1989, Lawrence Stroll formed Sportswear Holdings Limited with Hong King fashion investor Silas Chou. They acquired the Tommy Hilfiger brand and later Pepe Jeans, which is the parent brand of Aston Martin partner, Hackett. In 2003, Sportswear Holdings acquired a majority interest in Michael Kors, where Stroll and Chou led the business through its successful IPO.

Stroll is an active investor historically in the automotive and motorsport sectors, best known for leading a consortium to acquire the BWT Racing Point F1 team in 2018, which from 2021 rebranded as the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team. Amidst the pandemic, the team announced the changes they will bring in from the following season.

Born on July 11, 1959, the Canadian grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He was born to Leo Strulovitch in a Jewish family. He tied the knots with Claire-Anne Stroll, a fashion entrepreneur as well. The couple has two kids, a son -Lance Stroll, and a daughter – Chloe Stroll.

The 61-year-old has two residences, one in Geneva, Switzerland, and also on the island of Mustique, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Lawrence Stroll has a large car collection, mostly consisting of Ferraris, from the Ferrari 250 GTO to the latest LaFerrari. He used to own the Ferrari dealership of Quebec. He owns other cars such as McLarens, and the Ford GT.

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