85. Kate Beavan

Age 52
Occupation Director of Hospitality, Formula 1
Nationality British
Position Last year 76

Kate Beavan is trained and qualified as a lawyer before joining Tom Walkinshaw’s TWR as counsel across the group companies including Arrows F1 Team.

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She joined Bernie Ecclestone at Formula One Management in 2003 dealing with intellectual property and general commercial opportunities before concentrating on the Paddock Club and hospitality side of the business. Kate became Director of Hospitality and Experiences upon the acquisition of Formula 1 by Liberty Media in 2017.

Kate is perceptive and continually pushes through initiatives that deliver improvement and growth. She gets things done whilst ensuring that the business does not make costly mistakes.

Kate Beavan recently commented:

The Paddock Club has been going for over 30 years. F1 was the first modern sport that understood the need and potential for premium, high-end hospitality. What changed radically in the last decade is how you deliver what the client wants. The key selling point of most hospitality used to be fine dining and a great location.

In less than 10 years that has changed and now it’s all about the experience. You can no longer distinguish your offering with great food. Now what everyone wants are rich and meaningful experiences. We have had to turn that whole concept of hospitality on its head.

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