6. Finn Rausing

Age 65
Net worth $14,4bn
Source of wealth Tetra Pak
Nationality Swedish
F1 involvement Team shareholder

Finn Rausing, along with his siblings Kirsten and Jörn, is heir to the ‘Tetra Pak’ packaging empire. The company was founded by his Grandfather Ruben, who became Europe’s first self-made billionaire.

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Although always credited as the inventor of the Tetra Pak, the design was created by Swedish engineer Erik Wallenberg. In the smartest move of his life, Rubens paid Wallenberg six months’ salary as a one-off payment for the design rights.

Tetra Pak, which replaced glass, is used in everything from juice to milk, with 200 million units sold every day.

Rausing became involved in Formula 1 when back in 2016. He was approached by fellow Swede Marcus Ericsson who drove for the Sauber F1 team that was in financial difficulties.

Rausing bought out owner Peter Sauber and chief executive Monisha Kaltenborn initially through his secretive Swiss investment firm Longbow Finance SA. He later transferred the ownership to himself.

He appointed trusted family friend Pascal Picci as chairman and took no active role in the running of the team. For Rausing the investment is for pleasure, he quietly attends race weekends without any media attention.

He is a regular visitor to the factory in Hinwil, Switzerland, spending hours happily chatting away to engineers.

The team was renamed Alfa Romeo Racing in 2019 after a technical and commercial partnership was signed in 2018 by the late Fiat boss Sergio Marchione. The team is powered by Ferrari engines, and like the Alfa Romeo sponsorship, both deals expire in 2021.

The question for Rausing, who financially supports the team to the tune of $20-$30m per season, is what will he do next.

Well, Alfa Romeo’s continued involvement rests on decisions taken at a higher level by the newly created parent group Stellantis – the biggest car conglomerate in the world. This may leave Rausing looking for a new title sponsor to replace the departing Alfa Romeo.

A new engine deal has been speculated on with Renault, who are keen to have a customer team to supply additionally the works Alpine team, but in all likelihood, the team will stay with Ferrari.

Rausing may put his businessman’s hat on and look to sell the team in what is favourable market conditions

The new cost cap, pending technical regulations, fairer financial redistribution, and the ‘franchise’ model has made F1 teams an attractive proposition witnessed by the recent sale of Williams and investment in both the McLaren and Mercedes teams.

There is no shortage of fellow billionaires looking to own an F1 team, and let’s not forget the Middle East sovereign wealth funds with chequebooks at the ready.

Time will tell.

What influence does Finn Rausing have in F1?

As a team owner, a reasonable amount, especially as he has invested substantial amounts into saving and subsequently running the well-respected F1 team.

He has done this not obstinately for financial rewards but because he has a passion for F1 – something that can often be in short supply from the ‘moneymen’.

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