Q&A with Serge Michel, owner of Armin Strom


One of the most respected watchmaking brands in the world Armin Strom is owned by Serge Michel, and the art of skeletonizing, introduced by Mr Armin Strom in the eighties, is still in evidence in today’s new and innovative Armin Strom movement architecture. The company has been involved in Formula 1 for a number of seasons, partnering with Virgin Racing that later became Marussia F1 Team (now Manor Racing). We caught Mr Michel for a quick chat about his company’s past and future in motorsports.

So what’s the current situation with Armin Strom’s motorsport sponsorship? 

Well, actually we are currently looking at a few particular opportunities within the motorsports circle. However, nothing is finalised, so unfortunately I can’t really speak publically about it yet.

Obviously, in order to get full recognition, our sponsorship budgets needed to be much larger.

Were you happy with the Marussia partnership?

Yes, it surely was an exciting time and a very cool possibility to have an in-depth look into a new world for us at the time. Obviously, in order to get full recognition, our sponsorship budgets needed to be much larger.

How would you describe working with Max Chilton?

Working with him was absolutely great. Max was and is more than just an ambassador of Armin Strom, he is a close friend of the brand. We all certainly like him a lot!

What would it take to get your company back into partnering with a Formula 1 team or the sport itself?

The answer to that is simple – a bigger budget for sponsorship affairs.

Do you believe that Formula 1 could learn from other industries, business-wise? 

It’s fairly hard to point what new strategies could they adapt in their business operations, but I think they’re pretty good in what and how they do it all today.

Any big plans for Armin Strom in 2016? 

Yes, we have lots of exciting things going on right now, however, it’s too early to be communicating them at this point, so stay tuned!

Serge Michel

Serge Michel

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