My Race Day: Giselle Zarur

giselle zarur

Giselle Zarur, TV reporter of Canal F1 Latin America shows us how her approximate schedule looks during a typical Formula 1 race Sunday.

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8:00 Waking up and having a good breakfast.

9:00-9:30 I leave the hotel around 9:00, depending on how far the track is.

10:00 I go directly to the media centre to check if there are any updates or any new info about the teams announcing any issue, change of driver, etc. Later, I rush to the motor homes in the paddock. As I work a lot with Latin American drivers, I always like to check that everything is OK with Sergio Perez, Pastor Maldonado and Esteban Gutierrez.

11.00 We perform a sound and video check before we broadcast.

12:00 Two hours before the race we start broadcasting our TV show live. It’s the preview and we show all the interviews that we have been doing during the weekend. I talk about the drivers and we broadcast the drivers parade. In the garage, I always look for Checo Perez. I’m there seeing him going out when the pits are open prior the race. That is my contact with the pits on Sunday, because I do pits during the free practices, but on Sunday I can only be there before the installation lap. Then, I go to the grid, I do some interviews and we need to leave when the alarm sounds.

We get together to have dinner, and if there’s a party, we definitely go to it.

2:00 The race starts. Most of the time I’m at the media centre, paying extra attention if a driver has an accident or retires. However, I have to immediately run back to the track if there’s an incident.

3:30 After the race, I’m interviewing all the drivers, giving them quick questions, because sometimes all the drivers come almost at the same time. When I’m done, the TV programme continues.

4:00 We have a show during two hours after the race. So, if there was an incident or something to analyse while I’m still live at the track, I have to look for people who can give me interesting and relevant comments. For example, in case of a podium, we look for the Team Principal or the driver’s family if the driver himself is not available. When we finish the broadcast for the Canal F1 Latin America, I do some work for Televisa, which is the main Mexican TV network. After that I go back to the media centre to put down all my notes of what happened and I send them to Mexico (Televisa) or to Barcelona (Canal F1 Latin America).

8:00-9:00 We leave the track. Almost every race Sunday we get together (with my peers) to have dinner, and if there’s a party, we definitely go to it. If not, I go to rest.

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