My Race Day: Laurence Cellario

Director of Incentive Concept, a marvellous Formula 1 hospitality company in Monaco, Laurence Cellario, gives us a taste of how her usual race day looks like.

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Waking up during a GP weekend is almost a treat, as we sometimes do not have any time for sleeping.

My day starts at 4:30 am; I grab an espresso coffee, get in the shower and ready to be meeting the catering service that arrives at 5:30 am. Then I follow them to all our venues and check each order to make sure nothing is missing.

The Maitre D and waiters are in place by 7:00 am preparing for the guests’ arrival.

After catering service has been checked, I meet the staff for the last brief – it is then 8:00 am. We usually meet across from our Meeting desk at the roundabout of Place d’Armes, the market square.

The terraces‘ staff are in place from 8:30 am.

By that time, I am in Fontvieille Captainerie, checking with the staff the tender transfers.

By 9:30 am I am on board the chartered yachts to verify that the charterer is happy with their crew and their arrangements. Supervising that the coordinator is on top of things. They are the key element to a good running yacht charter and the transfers of the guests. So if a coordinator is not doing a good job, you will know right away, therefore it is important to check this on the first day of charter. A yacht charter is very easy as the crew runs it.

A venue is harder as they are way more things to think of and verify. Small things like towels, cleaning paper etc.. that one wouldn’t have to think of on a yacht .. because the crew is there to think for you!

By 10:30 am I am at the Dance Academy checking with the supervisor that the staff are all in place, the entertainment working, nail bar, massage therapist, fish spa, TV screens all ready, catering service serving breakfast and that all is functioning smoothly.

At 11-11: 30 – I make sure I meet the Celebrity driver who is handling our Q&A’s

By 13:00 I do the same run again – terraces, Meeting desk, tender meeting point, charters, Dance Academy to make sure lunch is served as scheduled etc…

… until it is time for return transfers where I make sure everyone is transferred back properly to their hotel, apartment or private residence. Usually around 16:30 or 17:00

19:00 – 20:00 During this I have to make sure the dinner transfers are on schedule and the drivers at the right pick up location – I usually go from yacht to yacht to make sure the clients are happy and taking restaurant bookings for the next evening .. or any need or request they may have.

Because we have a fleet of cars and drivers, by 23:00 I am usually in contact with the drivers for the return transfers or night party transfers. Sometimes, the guests go to Cannes…

By the time I get home, it is 2 am or later sometimes and soon… time to wake up again… and to do it all again.

Good thing it only lasts 4 days!

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