Rainbow Six Siege tips and tricks for Team Deathmatch


Team Deathmatch sets two teams of 5 players against one another on the three maps of Siege – Theme Park, Villa, and Favela. The teams must work towards one common goal: getting the highest kills. There are no prisoners to save or sites to protect, just extreme fragging.

In five minutes, whichever team has up to 75 kills or gets the highest number of kills will become the winner. In this kind of gameplay, you can implement a few tricks to make the most of it.

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Tips and Tricks for Team Deathmatch

1. Understand and Explore the environment

In Siege’s Team Deathmatch, your team drops into one of the three maps, Theme Park, Favela, or Villa. So, it’s essential to understand the maps as it helps you voyage freely and use every opportunity you find.

Villa is the most competitive map in Rainbow Six. It boasts three different floors of opportunity to help you master your short and long-range engagements.

A Favela provides you with a slightly different environment compared to Villa. You’ll get the opportunity to make mastery of your short-range engagements. Furthermore, it helps you master your vertical prowess around the number of staircases on the map.

Theme Park map allows you to explore the whole environment like it’s one of your playgrounds. Theme Park is another perfect map for a Team Deathmatch with a mild combination of long and short-range engagements.

2. Craft Ideal Loadouts

Apart from testing your weapon skills, you can access secondary gadgets outside the claymore and C4. If you run the Impact grenades, you can open unsuspecting angles on your enemies around the preferred map.

On the other hand, the stun grenades make a great loadout. However, you should better learn to practice how to use them. Since you can pick any operator apart from the shield operators, you can always re-pick a different operator whenever you die. It helps you get access to various kinds of weapons, fire rates, and operator speeds.

3. Engage in Combat Practice

The most interesting part about Team Deathmatch is that you can practice and enhance your different skills on any map of your choice. You can also choose to warm up for the death match.

In most cases, many players use Team Deathmatch to work on their crosshair awareness or reaction speed. For instance, practising aiming at head height while moving around can enhance your accuracy when giving a headshot. Some players will prefer warming up their reflexes before entering ranked matches.

Also, by engaging in combats in Team Deathmatch, you can identify whether your sensitivity is appropriate or needs adjustments. Adjust it when you notice that you can’t easily flick to your preferred location on the map. On the other hand, if you’re over flicking, then an adjustment is also a must.

Furthermore, practising combat is your best bet if you’re seeking to make it to the Leaderboard’s top. During practice, check each corner, listen for enemy footsteps, and explore and travel through the map carefully so that you can quickly respond to every movement from any angle.

4. Be tactical and alert

Since the teams’ primary goal is to eliminate one another, you need to be super alert and tactical in all your moves. Position yourself in strategic spots to hold common angles and frag out players running by. This tip will help you get quite a lot of kills.

Be as fast as possible, especially when you take down an enemy. Without a doubt, there are always a few team members for your opponents to provide one another with cover. But by being fast, you can flank and take them out by surprise, exposing their team members to unexpected attacks from your team.

Furthermore, once you down an enemy, move along to the next, following gun fires. If you’re fast enough, you can take out as many enemy team members as possible before the match timer elapses.

5. Always take cover, vital

You want to stay alive for the next five minutes to see your team’s victory. So, it’s important always to take cover behind walls, objects, buildings, etc. Exposing a small part of your body makes it harder to be shot on sight.

Even as you hold strategic angles against opponent team members, always hide behind objects when unavoidable shots come your way. It will help you live longer in Team Deathmatch.


While Team Deathmatch is more like a recently-released game mode in Rainbow Six Siege, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your gameplay.

Understand and explore the map you wish to play in, craft and equip your loadouts, practice in combats, be tactical, and always take cover. These are all you need to do better in R6 Siege.

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