The Ranch Hand – Daniel Ricciardo

Work begins on the US Grand Prix but today Daniel Ricciardo put in a full shift of a different kind, earning his keep on the Nelson Ranch in La Grange, 100 miles South East of Austin.

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Daniel’s enthusiasm for all things Texas is well known, and he didn’t take much persuadin’ to pull on the cowboy gear and get his hands dirty out in the fields. In the searing heat of the prairie, Dan learned how to rake hay, bale hay and lasso a cow. He also got to drive a 4500hp tractor-puller courtesy of the Texas Bullwhip Pulling Team.

“I had a great time,” he said. “I honestly enjoy a bit of the Outback and a few of my mates back home have farms. Once the F1 season ends and I go home for Christmas, I’ll usually have a few days out there riding bikes all day and drinking beer in the evenings. Today was a little bit harder because I was actually working! Still very cool though – nice to experience something so different to what we normally do.

“I liked the whole environment. It’s very relaxed out there. Those hay bales are heavy though – much heavy than I expected so I certainly had to put in some effort. Apparently, because it’s fresh and wet, they weigh 20-30lbs more than they will when the dry out. That’s the excuse I’m using anyway – it’s pretty tiring!”

After a day in the fields, Daniel sat down with the ranch hands for a Texan BBQ that went heavy on the brisket and ribs. Check back in with us tomorrow for video of Daniel’s day out in Texas.

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