Rear View Prints by Patrick Redmond

We have Patrick Redmond from Rear View Prints to talk to us about the process of creating fantastic Formula 1 and other prints.

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How do you start working on your prints, Patrick?

I’ve always approached the art from a design perspective first. Transportation is a universal activity with a long, rich history. So there’s so much to draw from. For example, I loved the way we almost take it for granted in our everyday lives. It’s sometimes easy to miss, yet in reality, there are these amazing designs right in front of us. No matter what country you’re from, it’s something we see so much, but at the same time, we don’t even notice it. In a way, there’s all this hidden art already waiting for us. I knew I had to capture some of it and show it to the world.

Initially, I wanted to just celebrate the classic curves and iconic designs of each country. But I soon realised that car enthusiasts preferred expressing their loyalty to their favourite brands. They also wanted to see more car lead design choices. But I didn’t just want to slap a logo on a print and be done with it. Instead, I try to go beyond a static image. I strive to tell the story of a car model over the decades, with each print acting as the peak of the manufacturer’s design choices. This way, the fans of Rear View Prints can have a piece of art that takes hold of the raw power from the vehicles they love most.

Is there a secret behind portraying interesting Formula 1 liveries or other racing cars?

While a lot of my contemporaries are trying to capture each highlight and reflection of the car, I’m more interested in something a little different. Instead, we focus our sights on the simplest curves and shapes that capture the essence of what we find so evocative about a particular car. I usually leave out smaller details and anything that I think takes away from the pure form of the final design. Through this approach, viewers can own an art print that conveys a value or a sentiment. You can hang one of the prints on your wall, and when you see it, you feel how graceful the vehicles are or you sense the sheer might in all the potential they hold. That’s the true secret to creating a work of art.

What is the customer looking for and how do you take into account what he or she needs?

I started this journey by celebrating the best cars in each country but soon realised there was a demand for something even bigger. Now, I’m doing manufacturers as I’ve learnt the fans mainly want to see their favourite car brands through the decades. With this in mind, they can experience the evolution of a model or series in a way that’s satisfying. After all, petrol culture is all about how we’ve taken these machines and pushed them faster, further, and to ever more amazing places. It’s as much an art as it is a science, and my customers have made their voices heard in that regard. Of course, I still have to find a way of showing a single car model on a page, throughout its iterations. It also obviously has to be one which all fans want to see. Often these are vehicles that defined their era or were champions of the track. Our customers love those, as well as their own everyday cars. But this is a journey, and we’re on it together.

Any relevant tendencies, changes or near-future prospects in this sector of motorsport art?

We’re continuing to expand and offer even more exclusive items. Recently, we’ve released several of our Formula 1 designs as cufflinks to offer something completely original to our fans. Keep an eye for even more of these, as well as plenty of new items that celebrate speed and adventure. As far as the art, I’m always trying to think of new ways to present that rich history of Formula 1 in new and exciting ways for the fans. Definitely keep coming back to the Rear View Prints website and our social media, as we release more prints and gifts that are sure to please even the most diehard enthusiast.

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