Red Bull Racing Story Clip – The Life of a Bolt

In a sport in which success and failure are often separated by the tiniest of margins, where the difference between finishing and failing is based on seamless preparation, the pursuit of mechanical perfection is critical.

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It’s about eradicating the variables, leaving nothing to chance, and it extends to every single one of the one million parts we build and test each year.

What I like the most about these videos is they have a humanizing aspect for an F1 team. It’s easy to watch race weekends and not think about all that goes into getting that car on the track, these productions show us the people behind the car without being obvious about it. I like stuff like this – especially compared to some things Mercedes puts out – like Lewis or Nico explaining their steering wheels. Just feels to forced and overproduced to me.

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Take the story of RB-12-FS-00663-02. A humble front suspension bolt it may be, but it’s been conceived, built, tested and raced with every bit as much care and attention to detail as the front wing, the turbo. If it fails, so do we. But it won’t.

How do we know? Because we followed it on every step of its journey from sketch to drawing, machining to testing, assembly to racing. And now you can too, in our exclusive video, The Life of a Bolt, which is available to watch now.

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