Respecting a circuit: Q&A with the head of the Canadian Grand Prix

We had the pleasure to catch up with the President and CEO of the Canadian Grand Prix, Mr François Dumontier

Mr Dumontier, what’s your personal relationship with the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix and the circuit?

Well, I started working for the Société de l’île Notre-Dame (known today as the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau), where I worked for nine years before going to the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada and eventually becoming Executive Vice President of both Formula 1 and NASCAR. I was the official promoter of the event by 2009.

Do you believe the role of the Canadian GP in Formula 1 is growing?

The Canadian GP has always had an important part in the Formula 1 World Championship, in the last few years we successfully managed to secure a contract until 2029, which allows us to plan ahead and build relationships with our stakeholders. Last year we proudly celebrated 50 years of Formula 1 in Canada and this year we’re celebrating 40 years of Formula 1 in Montreal. Knowing that we have many successful years ahead of us is very encouraging and also gives us the space we need to grow.

The respect for a circuit comes from the respect of the sport and its traditions.

François Dumontier

How do you see the work that Liberty Media has done so far in the sport?

So far, working with Liberty Media has been a breath of fresh air. They have shown great interest in our event and in the sport. I have to say that having an open line of communications with the leaders is a welcome change, and I cannot wait to see what they will bring to the event.

In your opinion, what makes Formula 1 professionals and corporate travellers respect a circuit?

From my point of view, the respect for a circuit comes from the respect of the sport and its traditions. We are the longest standing race outside of the European continent, which has a certain appeal, but we are also fortunate enough to be based in a beautiful city that truly embraces Formula 1.

Our expert survey has rated Circuit Gilles Villeneuve pretty high in the categories of Corporate Hospitality and Conducting Business. What’s your secret?

We are glad to be rated so highly, we take great pride in providing an excellent service to all our customers. I’m proud to be able to work with a wonderful team that cares and wants to see the event succeed as much as I do. Our secret is that client experience is at the core of all of our decisions.

Which other Formula 1 circuit is your own favourite? Why?

I have had the opportunity to see many circuits, some that are no longer part of the calendar as well. Barcelona is the circuit I have visited most often and it truly has a great city outside of it. Track-wise, Spa is definitely on another level, and I would love to have to opportunity to visit both Melbourne and Singapore.

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