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If last year Max Verstappen was the surprise of the season, this season it is Daniel Ricciardo’s turn. The Aussie has gone through his best year so far in Formula 1. Nevertheless, the year did not start as the Perth-born racer expected. In his home Grand Prix, Ricciardo had to retire in front of his public following a brake issue. Much like a honey badger, he wasn’t stopped by a failure and eventually he proved to be the most opportunistic driver on the grid.

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It was not until Spain that Ricciardo could get his first podium, oddly, in the same place his mate and rival-to-beat consecrated twelve months ago. And that was only the beginning of a good run of five consecutive podiums.

He jumped on the podium again in the race inside the Principality, the same track where last year he faced one of the worst moments of his career. This time a third place was more than celebrated; the same result that he would obtain in Montreal.

Back in Europe, in Azerbaijan, the craziest race of the season, the Red Bull driver showed his patience while Vettel and Hamilton were playing bumper cars, and offered a magnificent double overtake that got him the first victory of 2017.

The Austrian Grand Prix was his next target. Ricciardo wanted to get his fifth podium in his team-home race and, as expected, a shoey came along to celebrate it.

With his best statistics so far in Formula 1, Ricciardo postulates himself for a title if he’s given a car fitting his talent.

Pilar Celebrovsky

The British race was much harder than he could imagine, and the Aussie was left with fifth place. Still, a better position compared to the retirement from the Hungarian Grand Prix following a collision with Max Verstappen. However, the brightest smile of the paddock came back to the top three in Spa-Francorchamps, being cheered by thousands of orange fans gathered there.

Leaving Europe behind, Asia would become an outstanding stage for Ricciardo as he took advantage of the accident involving the two Ferraris and Verstappen, managing to finish second. He wouldn’t get out of the podium either in Malaysia or Japan, finishing third in the latter race, showing everyone that he’s capable of getting the very maximum out of a car that’s actually not too far from the Mercedes.

With his best statistics so far in Formula 1, Ricciardo postulates himself for a title if he’s given a car fitting his talent.

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