Limited Edition Sahara Force India Black Wheel Rim Table

Table Cut Out

This race-used Formula One wheel rim from Sahara Force India is the genuine article which was used on the track during a 2012 Grand Prix. Powder-coated in black to celebrate the new colours of the 2014 VJM07, the wheel rim is fitted with a toughened glass top to transform it into a practical drinks table!

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Ever wondered what happens to Formula One car parts after they’ve been used in a race? Some become test components. Others see out their days as spares. But the lucky few are destined for greater things thanks to Sahara Force India’s partnership with Memento Exclusives.

Rather than being destined for a life gathering dust, Memento’s experts have been busy transforming all kinds of Sahara Force India nuts and bolts into trendy collectables. These black wheel rim tables are just one part of the collection which includes leather belts made using buckles moulded from Formula One radiators and a Formula One nosecone transformed into a coffee table. Both functional and unique, even Vijay Mallya couldn’t resist having one in his home. This is upcycling in every sense of the word.

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