McLaren Technology Group extends business partnership with SAP

Sap and McLaren

McLaren and SAP, longtime partners since 1997, today announced a partnership renewal that extends the relationship through 2020. As an Official Technology Partner, SAP solutions are utilised throughout the whole of the McLaren Technology Group.

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SAP supports McLaren to manage a complex and diverse business by driving transactional efficiency and strategic insight. From product design, through bespoke manufacturing, to sales and marketing operations spanning the globe, SAP provides a platform for growth and flexibility, enabling McLaren to see quicker and act faster.

Core systems in finance, procurement, manufacturing and human resources are all underpinned by SAP technology. By utilising SAP, the Group achieves greater efficiencies through standardisation, is able to manage the right information, at the right time, in the right place, and more efficiently manage supply-chain through collaboration and data sharing.

McLaren is now successfully using SAP’s life-cycle management for manufacturing, and efficiencies are being realised by utilising SAP HANA to deliver real-time information throughout the business. From line-side operators adjusting real-time component change management to C-Suite visibility of key strategic goals, SAP is a key platform for driving growth.

McLaren Technology Group’s HR department also employs Success Factors software – to not only help manage expansion through recruitment but the successful retention of the 3,000 plus workforce by providing an online training portal.

The proliferation of SAP solutions throughout all of McLaren Group’s business functions in Racing, Marketing, Applied Technologies and Automotive underlines the benefits and efficiencies to be gained through employing a solution that joins the company together.


Björn Ganzhorn, Head of SAP Global Sponsorships, said: 

“We’re thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with McLaren. Through this partnership, we’re able to demonstrate how SAP technology supports a seamless digital business, while enabling their global operations to sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict to create value at the moment.

“McLaren’s ongoing need for speed and agility to run its business operations in real-time is only growing, and we continue to evolve with them each step of the way.

McLaren Technology Group Executive Director Zak Brown added:

“We use SAP solutions throughout every area of our business. And having access to a business-wide platform provides us with real, rapid and seamless insights.

“SAP HANA is such a unique and valuable asset: the ability to have so much data at our fingertips – accessible in seconds – is an incredibly rich and powerful analytical tool for all of our staff.

“In short, it’s true to say that SAP HANA Business Suite has enabled the McLaren Group to develop and grow into a world-class, international business.”

McLaren Technology Group COO Jonathan Neale said: 

“It’s hugely satisfying to know we’ll be able to continue to rely on SAP’s integrated systems throughout the McLaren Technology Group. The success of the rollout of SAP solutions throughout the business is clearly evident.

“Running wall-to-wall SAP not only gives us the structure and platform for future growth, but it also provides us with greater efficiencies and insights throughout the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

“SAP is an extremely valuable partner to everyone at McLaren.”

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