Securing a career in motorsports: Top 4 schools in the US that offer motorsport degree programs

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Engineering has always been a crucial sector. In 2022, the industry’s size was estimated at $1,110.21 billion, and it keeps growing at a stable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2%. Among many different engineering spheres, automotive and motorsport engineering have always been trending, which is why these sectors can be a great choice for students picking the right field for their future careers.

If you are looking for degree options in engineering, this article is meant to guide you through this matter. Here, a fan of motorsports and an expert academic writer from a trusted essay writing service, which students use to write my paper online and get better grades, will tell you about different automotive degree program types and about the best schools to choose for motorsport degrees in particular. Read on!

Types of Automobile Degree Programs

Like in any other field, there are various automobile certificates, degrees, and diplomas. The level of program you pick depends mostly on what you’d like to do in the future. For example, if you plan to work in a shop, most certificates and diplomas in the field will be enough. However, if you are aiming for high-level and managerial roles, you will need to get a full-fledged four (or more) years degree in engineering.

In terms of the focus of the studies, there are two most common options:

  • Automobile/automotive engineering – A science that studies the design, manufacturing, and operation of different automotive vehicles.
  • Mechanical engineering – A science that studies different mechanical systems used in vehicles, aerospace, civil, chemical, metallurgical, electrical, and other engineering fields.

Motorsport engineering is much different from these two branches of degrees. Although it also deals with engineering, the primary focus of this degree is the design, build, and test of racing cars. Thus, a motorsport program is right for you if you want to work in the racing industry.

When you are looking for a job in motorsports, you should know the actual vacancies on the job market, such as Remote mechanical design engineer or similar it will bring the correct vector of education and skills development.

Top 4 Schools to Gain a Motorsport Degree

There are many reasons to choose motorsport engineering over a traditional automotive engineering degree. Most importantly, the first one will open the doors to an exciting world of motorsports and help you acquire a high-paying and interesting job.

But where to study for this degree? Here is a list of the best schools to choose from:

1. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

The first on our list is IUPUI and its School of Engineering & Technology. The school offers an excellent Bachelor of Science program in Motorsports. In fact, this school was the first in the US to offer a degree in this field. The acceptance rate at IUPUI is 81%, which is quite high. The quality of education is also high. The program offers a rich curriculum that covers aerodynamics, data acquisition, vehicle dynamics, and more to prepare students for success in the racing industry.

2. Ferris State University

Ferris State University offers the next option available in the US. Unlike the previous school, this one only provides full-fledged degrees in automotive engineering, technology and management. That is, you can’t get a degree in motorsport here. However, the university offers a pretty good certificate program in motorsports. This program will teach you the basics of motorsport engineering and help you enter the racing industry easily.

3. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The next school on our list boasts its own NC Motorsports and Automotive Research Center. The centre is located in the heart of NASCAR country and claims to be the first stop for racing industry employers looking for young engineers and interns. According to the school, roughly 15% of all NASCAR engineers graduated from UNC Charlotte. The school offers a rigorous and innovative degree program that provides students with hands-on experience and prepares them for a career in the racing industry.

4. Winston-Salem State University

The last one on our list, Winston-Salem State University, is one more school in the US that offers degree programs in motorsport. The school features a thorough management program for students aiming to secure managerial jobs in the racing industry. One notable fact about this program is that it was recognized with the NASCAR Diversity Award for bringing innovation and diversity to the track. So if you are looking for high-quality motorsport education, this is another option you can consider.

The Bottom Line

Building a career in motorsports is prestigious and exciting. Such jobs are never boring, and they pay well too. The only problem is that few schools still offer degree programs in this field.

After reading this article, you know about a few best schools where you can get an education in motorsport engineering (and more). Hopefully, this guide will help you find something that works for you!

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