Max and Daniel get creative behind the bar to raise a farewell toast to Malaysia as it departs the F1 circuit.


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‘What’s a mocktail?’ you ask. Well, it’s sort of like a fun drink but with the first bit of that description removed and the rest made of fruit and water and stuff. In short, it’s the sort of brightly coloured drink with amusing furniture that’s guaranteed to catch a driver’s eye but which not in the slightest way detrimental to their ‘my-body-is-a-temple’ fitness regimes.

Hang on… we nearly forgot the most important thing – they’re drivers and the thought of hurling heavy glass bottles and spinning metal cocktail shakers around would appeal to their innate gift for mucking about.

The rules were simple: on the table in front of the boys was a huge array of tropical fruit. First, they had to try their hand at ‘flairtending’ (the spinning shakers etc), hen they had to guess the names of the fruit (the durian makes a guest appearance) and their final mission was to choose what they believed to be the best ingredients to whip up a mocktail tasty enough to impress world-class Malaysian bartender Jeffri Sulaiman.

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