#ShapeAnotherFuture: Ferrari fans imagine the future


#ShapeAnotherFuture! As usual, the Italian Grand Prix signals the return of top-level sport in Italy after the summer break. In 2021, fans will be back in the grandstands at the Monza circuit and in some ways, the event is a big restarting point for the country as a whole, also surfing the wave of Italian sporting success in the football Euro competition, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and in European women’s volleyball.

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The idea. To take a slightly different view of what is such a special event for its fans from all around the world, Scuderia Ferrari has decided to involve them in using their creativity to come up with an alternative vision of the future. Hence the initiative, #ShapeAnotherFuture and one of its most important moments will be this coming weekend at Monza.

Symbols for a different future. From 6 to 23 August, via social media, Scuderia Ferrari has asked its fans to come up with a graphic representation of the future as they imagine it, using a kit of symbols given to them. They could then express themselves freely within a series of guidelines provided. All the artworks were analysed in Maranello by a panel of artists and the ten most interesting ones that matched the guidelines were selected and printed in large format. They were then submitted to the illustrator, Alberto Dal Lago, who was also the creator of the Scuderia Ferrari cover art for the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, taking his inspiration from these artworks in producing an illustration that incorporates all the ideas from the fans.

Where to see the artwork. Dal Lago’s illustration, along with those of the ten fans will be on display in the Monza Paddock Club, the most exclusive area at the circuit, from which guests can enjoy a really special Grand Prix experience. They will also be on display at the Ferrari Maranello Museum, as part of the “The Meaning of a Partnership” exhibition, which runs up until 19 September. On Friday, Alberto Dal Lago will be at the Museum to talk to visitors. The #ShapeAnotherFuture initiative will also feature as a special sticker on the SF21s driven by Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

2021 Italian GP preview – Scuderia Ferrari

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