How I Spend It: Yan Lefort


IWC‘s Global Head of Partnerships, CSR & PR, Yan Lefort has extensive experience in the fields of sports marketing, PR and sponsorship, having worked with such industry giants like British American Tobacco, Toyota, also Williams F1, Mercedes F1 and many others. This time Yan speaks to the Paddock magazine about the way he makes his financial decisions. Enjoy!

What was your first paid job?

Working as a waiter in a restaurant in Paris during summer.

Do you have any credit cards?

One personal card, one company card.

Do you save or spend?


Have you ever been hard up?

Yes, I come from a poor family.

What is the best deal you have ever signed?

IWC sponsorship deal with Mercedes F1.

Do you invest in shares?

No, I don’t like gambling anyways.

Do you believe pensions are a good thing?

Yes – I also think that universal basic income would be a good thing.

The best deal I have signed? IWC sponsorship deal with Mercedes F1.

Yan Lefort

What has been your best and worst investment?

Best: apartment in Paris. Worst: my current car.

Do you manage your own financial affairs?

Yes, but my wife is involved!

What is your top financial priority?

Thinking about retirement.

How many holidays did you take last year?

Four weeks, and it was awesome.

Do you have a money weakness for anything?

I love to spend on sport gears and sport activities, mainly skis and bikes.

What is the most extravagant item you have ever bought?

My car. Running costs are extravagant but I love driving it.

Have you ever played the lottery?

Yes, a few times. It had me dreaming a bit.

What is the best piece of financial advice you have ever been given?

A friend who runs a real estate business pushed me to invest in apartments.

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