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For more than 10 years, Paddock magazine has served as the authoritative voice in the motorsports industry. Paddock magazine is the only business and lifestyle magazine in Formula 1. Now in its sixth year of publication, Paddock magazine brings a sharper focus on the business of Formula 1 as the sport faces one of its most dramatic years. The Paddock will guide readers through the twisting and turning investment routes in Formula 1, whilst comparing the sport to those of its rivals.

One thing is for sure: Formula 1 industry continues to be one of the most dynamic there is. To be successful in this field, whether it is something that you do full-time or just a regular fan, you have to understand the ins and outs of the business.

Paddock magazine helps you do just that. With its features on industry trends, success stories, special reports, features, and columns, it is surely the most useful magazine for anyone who is interested in the business side of Formula 1.

The people behind the publication are actually very well-versed with Formula 1 insights and jargon, but the great thing about this magazine is that all of these concepts are explained in simple terms. Thus, you get the advantage of simplicity together with valuable and relevant information.

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