A subtle and emotional roar

We caught up with Didier Kwak, Founder of Askja-Audio, a brand focusing on transcending music the way haute couture transcends fashion. Having identified similar patterns between air expulsion in a loudspeaker and air penetration of a race car at 300 km/h, Didier started a partnership with Swiss Fibertec, a specialist in high-quality carbon workpieces manufacturing and high-precision moulds for applications like motorsport, aerospace and defence.

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Didier, how is the high-end audio market doing at the time?

Having lived for such a long time with low-quality music compressed in small boxes, people are very open to expecting higher quality audio, so our market is gaining more popularity as we speak.

Customers are also looking for new emotions from music, something close to what they can feel and experience with live performance, and that can only be achieved when the quality is the highest possible standard. In a difficult world, we live in, music can become a very efficient method of therapy.

Because Askja is based on psycho-acoustic and veracity in the reproduction of sound, we can certainly guarantee pure magic and emotion.

Our products aim to become astonishing jewels in terms of design; it is completely new to have a masterpiece of art at home which provides the listener with an unprecedented sensorial experience!

Do your competitors have an influence on your work in any way?

Absolutely not. I’m producing what I feel can generate the best visual and sonic emotions. I don’t care about traditional benchmarks; my goal is veracity and emotion, a unique sensorial experience. It’s probably why Askja is completely different, we don’t really have any direct competition.

Our products aim to become astonishing jewels in terms of design.

What’s your process of introducing innovation?

Well, we are definitely not using any outdated rules or traditional acoustic equipment that’s conceived and designed solely from the technical point of view. Our products are conceived while keeping in mind both the brain and ears aspects of an auditor. We try to reverse the historical movements that typically prevail, and, thanks to many new innovative concepts, replace the sound’s authenticity at the summit of its art.

Askja-Audio uses fluid mechanics and aerodynamics and focuses more on energy than just simply electrical power.

So what’s your connection to Formula 1?

First, Formula 1 deals with incredibly high-end fluid mechanics. I believe in the link between fluid mechanics and the best audio stream from a sound transducer (loudspeaker).

Secondly, Formula 1 uses inventive composite materials that were critical in designing Askja-Audio products.

Thirdly, Formula 1 engineers create very efficient and innovative mechanical assemblies. All of these points are crucial for us, thus we find a lot of things in common here.

What lessons or experiences from working with Formula 1 professionals could you use in your work at Askja-Audio?

I’m somebody that liked to be very precise, very self-demanding. Formula 1 professionals share many qualities with me, and I appreciate this relationship of solid professionalism mixed with very creative ideas.

What improvements are you most looking forward to in your sector?

I think it is time to replace traditional loudspeakers by a new generation of innovative products. We are now working on a revolutionary concept…

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