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Tailoring an icon: this is a showcase of ARES design and engineering brilliance. Let’s take a glance at the Porsche 991 Targa 4S.

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Intelligent aerodynamic upgrades to the body of the car subtly improve the look and drive of one of Porsche’s finest recent models. ARES has also retained the essence of its historic background, adding a nostalgic twist reminiscent of the great models from 70s and 80s, with roots in the iconic Targa Florio race.

The dramatically improved interior includes a new custom-made sports steering wheel and the use of Nappa leather throughout the interior and upholstery to complement the exterior enhancements. The result is a perfectly tailored Porsche 991 Targa 4S with a unique design that will definitely not disappoint.


Exterior: Produced using Carbon Prepreg in Vacuum/Autoclave technique. Hardened at over 120°C and 3 bar.

Interior: Carbon Alcantara and the finest Nappa Italian Leather.

Wheels: ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 21 inches forged wheels.


Engine Power: 450HP

Top Speed: 305km/h

0-100km/h: 4.5 sec


– ARES Carrozzeria Body Kit in premium quality carbon fibre: Front bumper / Rear bumper / Rear diffuser / Sideskirts / Front grille.

– Front aerodynamic splitter.

– Exclusive ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 21 inch forged wheels.

– Engine performance upgrade through electronic control unit modification.

– Titanium sports exhaust system: titanium exhaust muffler and tailpipe.

– Full interior modification and materials upgrade: Custom made sports steering wheel incorporating precious material inserts / handcrafted artisan interior panels made from the finest materials/custom made Nappa leather interior and upholstery with inserts.

– Fully EU homologated and a 12-month warranty on all ARES modifications.



– Set of exclusive ARES Carrozzeria ultra light 21 inch forged wheels.

Parts include:

– ARES Carrozzeria Body Kit in carbon fibre: Front bumper / Front grille / Rear bumper / Rear diffuser / Sideskirts.

– Front aerodynamic splitter.

Additional parts available (price upon request):

– ECU upgrade.

– Titanium sports exhaust system.

– Fully EU homologated and a 12-month warranty on all ARES modifications.

(parts are compatible with other 991 models)

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