Tamara Ecclestone: “F1 speaks for itself”

Tamara Ecclestone is a daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the chief executive of Formula One Group, and famous British-Croatian model Slavica, yet more and more people get to know her as a solid philanthropist, a television broadcaster or a persistent businesswoman. We at Paddock magazine sat down for a short talk with this busy and charismatic person about her life today and whether the sport her father built is still on her mind.

With fashion and high-end petrol basically flowing in your veins, did you ever think about a somewhat ordinary career that’s completely different from the world you grew up in?

My parents have always allowed me to follow my dreams, so I feel very lucky that they have helped and supported me no matter what. As for the choices, I think I always wanted to continue this path that I’m in right now.

What’s unique about your business venture SHOW Beauty?

Blow dry bars are still a relatively new concept to the UK, in the US they are on every street corner! Our salon in Notting Hill is in a beautiful part of London and we have already built up a wonderfully loyal local customer base. The pop up places we do around the world are always very successful, I think that’s  because the work and the process are luxurious, yet nice and quick – any working woman or time-pressed mum can still pop by and we will make her feel beautiful.

What are your feelings towards your charity responsibilities?

Obviously, I am very privileged. Being able to give back is such a huge pleasure, it’s really an unbelievably great feeling and I urge anyone to try it if they can or to work on a charity project if they haven’t tried it so far.

I am sure people judge me more than they judge others, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

What responsibilities come with being Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter?

My dad was and is my inspiration and role model. Of course, I am sure people judge me more than they judge others, but it doesn’t bother me anymore, I just focus on my work and family.

Being a mother, a businesswoman, a broadcaster, a philanthropist, do you still find the time to follow Formula 1?

It’s always been a big part of my life and yes, I do still regularly enjoy a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

How could Formula 1 improve its fan engagement and social media life?

Well, I believe Formula 1 already has great engagement through social media, in terms of the teams and drivers engaging with their fans. Even if you are not attending a race, you can easily feel a part of it by following the drivers and online commentary.

Do you think the sport should keep its exclusivity or be more open to the crowd?

I actually think it has kept an almost perfect balance of both. Anyone in any city – when a Formula 1 race is in town – becomes an element of the build up and excitement, even if they are not track-side.

If you had to come up with a slogan for Formula 1, what would that slogan be? 

I don’t think that’s really necessary, my argument would be that it’s doing very well without any slogan – Formula 1 speaks for itself!

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