Technical illustrations by Roy Scorer

Currently working for the Ministry of Defence as a Technical Illustrator, Roy Scorer has always been very keen on motorsport illustration, albeit computer-generated rather than the traditional paint and brush.

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I had an interest from when I was 4-6 years old and my father used to race saloon stock cars.

Roy Scorer

The illustrations above are produced during Roy’s spare time working on three-dimensional ghosted images and side profiles of stock cars and other motorsports, most recently historic race cars in Leeds. The artist produces the illustrations from photographs where he takes images of the car/bike/truck with and without bodywork and wheels, depending on how much detail is needed to be shown. He can also convert a cad/3D solid works type image of an area i.e. front wheel, brakes and suspension setup, into a digital airbrushed ghosted type illustration.

Roy also works for United Autosports and Haynes Manuals as well. Enjoy more of his works here!

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