The 2023 Dakar Rally roadmap

Francisco “Chaleco” López

Slots online can be put aside, as the world’s top off-road racers will compete in the fourth Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia on December 31. There, they will cover 5,000 racing kilometres over 14 timed special stages before the finish line in Dammam on January 15.

The Rally Raid calendar’s apex is the Dakar Rally. During your days off, you can relax and enjoy playing online. The best slots to buy bonus will enable you to enter an extra round. Cross-country rallying, commonly referred to as rally raid, is a multi-day, long-distance off-road racing style.

The History

The Abidjan-Nice Rally in 1977 saw the beginning of the Dakar Rally adventure when French motorcycle racer Thierry Sabine got separated from his machine in the Libyan desert. The Frenchman was keen to create a race that drew on his knowledge after successfully finding his way out of the desert by following a course that began in Europe, continued to Algiers, crossed Agadez, and ultimately ended in Dakar. Since then, the Dakar Rally has changed, moving from South America to Saudi Arabia and back again.

The event consists of one stage per day, which may be on or off-road and has at least one “special” stage (several hundred kilometres) in it. Several thousand kilometres have been travelled in total. You can play car racing-themed online slots during your time off. Ten to fifteen days pass while the event is happening.

The classification

The times set in the special stage are added to any sporting penalties to determine the stage’s classification. The roadbook prepared by the organizers and distributed at the start of each stage is used for the race’s accurate navigation.

Each special will start in the order determined by the times recorded in the timed sector of the preceding stage, taking into account any sporting penalties (such as those assessed for speeding in link sectors or missing waypoints) incurred throughout the stage.

The participants

Since participants in the 2014 Dakar Rally tackled 5,000 kilometres of specialities divided into a prologue and 14 stages, the 2023 Dakar Rally will have the longest route yet. With more dunes and possible dangers than ever before, the Prologue Stage begins on December 31, 2022, in Yanbu near the Red Sea, with the field attempting to make it all the way across to Dammam on the Arabian Gulf for a January 15 finish.

Drivers and co-drivers are prohibited from receiving assistance from their teams during the real stages for the duration of the 15-day race without incurring penalties. Engineers and mechanics usually stay up all night long to prepare for the next day because repairs are permitted at night. The Arabian Peninsula’s coasts and southern regions are expected to be warm and temperate, while the northern region near Ha’il is expected to be chilly with a chance of snow. More than 900 competitors hope to pit their equipment and willpower against the opposition, the environment, and the weather.

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