The 2024 VCARB 01 Car Launch

The dazzling lights on Las Vegas Boulevard provided the backdrop to the launch of the 2024 VCARB 01 car ahead of the 2024 Formula 1 season. The very special event, which revealed the team’s new look and welcomed new partners, was equally dazzling.

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The star of the evening was our new car, the VCARB 01, with its sparkling blue and white livery reflecting the team’s new colours. Present were Peter Bayer, Visa Cash App RB’s CEO, and Team Principal Laurent Mekies, who were joined on stage by our drivers: eight-time Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo from Australia and the exciting Japanese youngster Yuki Tsunoda. Alongside them was Amna Al-Qubaisi, the Emirati who is carrying the Visa Cash App RB colours in this year’s F1 Academy championship.

Entertainment came courtesy of significant names from the music industry, including rapper, singer-songwriter, Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar, and multi-award-winning rapper and record producer Baby Keem.

The evening’s enthusiasm and energy mirror those of the Visa Cash App RB team heading into the new Formula 1 World Championship season. Together with our new partners, we aim to raise the bar and push ourselves towards the front of the starting grid.

Daniel Ricciardo commented on the 2024 VCARB 01 Car launch:

A lot of new personnel and some big partners are coming on board. The team has always taken itself seriously, but this is another step up. It’s no longer just a platform for Red Bull Racing; it’s a time for us to fight at the front of the midfield.

I like what’s happened, the changes that have taken place. There’s something about the team; the mindset is slightly different, like a point to prove. It’s cool. It’s fun. You have to aim high, but being in this sport so long, you want to remain realistic as you don’t like to end up ultimately disappointed,” Ricciardo said when asked what is possible this season.

Top-fives should be a target; some podiums will present themselves if we get into that position. Of course, we want to win, but, you know, let’s…We made steps last year; let’s create a few more steps. Do I think top-five results are on the table – and could they be in the first half of the season? I want to believe so. I’m feeling good. With a short 2023, I didn’t need as much of an offseason as everyone else. It was still lovely to go home, but I didn’t need to let my hair down so much.

It’s like a pre-season now; I had all that, I had the preparation, and I had a bit of a headstart last year – so I know them there. Come Bahrain; nothing on the tablwe’llcan’t predict where we’ll finish there, but from a preparation point of view, there are no more didn’t. The off-season didn’t feel like I was just on the couch. I don’t feel like I haven’t driven for a few months, so I expect to get back into the swing immediately.

I would say the way we developed the car through the tail end of last season, and we definitely found some things which at first definitely worked for me, and then I think Yuki [Tsunoda] found the strengths in it with his driving style, having a good Abu Dhabi. There is a lot to stay upbeat about coming into the start of the year.

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