The complete guide to handling car accidents

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All car accident casualties need to know their rights and the steps to take when pursuing legal action against the party responsible for the collision. Following a vehicle collision, you will need to do the following things to recover as fast as possible.

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Assess whether you are injured

You should check to see whether you have sustained any injuries or not. If you have been hurt, you should not move and wait for emergency responders to help you. If you are physically able to, you should check on your passengers or other casualties in the other vehicle to see if they are okay.

Move to safety

If you are not seriously injured, you should alight from your vehicle and move to the side of the road to avoid getting additional injuries. You should not move your vehicle unless you have to. If you need to move it, ensure you take photos of the crash scene before doing so.

Seek medical help

You should get checked by a doctor in a hospital whether you have minor or major injuries.

Notify law enforcement officers

You should call the police and notify them about any injuries you have sustained, the location of the crash, and if there are other casualties. Remember, you should contact the police, whether a big or a minor vehicle crash with minimal damage.

Gather information

You will need to write down information like the other driver’s name, insurance policy number, location of the collision, their license plate numbers of all vehicles, models of all vehicles, and (if any) the eyewitness contact information.

Take pictures and notes to help your case

Take pics of the crash scene as evidence. Moreover, you should write detailed notes about what took place, where you were, where the other vehicle was, what you were doing and how the collision happened. You can include any other factors that may have contributed to the crash, such as bad road conditions and adverse weather conditions. You should also get the accident report number from the police officer because you will need it to file your claim. In addition, you should not admit fault to the other drivers or any witnesses because it is up to the police to investigate and decide who’s responsible for the crash.

Contact an attorney

Vehicle crashes can be life-altering, from recovering from injuries to financial setbacks and post-traumatic stresses. When seeking compensation, you should know that the claim adjuster that is working for the liable party’s insurance company is not your friend. Their job is to ensure the company does not make losses by offering the lowest compensation amount possible. It is advisable to contact an experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyer to negotiate with the claims adjuster and ensure you get the amount you deserve.


Once your attorney has gathered all the evidence and has determined liability, you will be able to receive a settlement for your property damage and injuries. Your attorney will ensure you get an amount that will sufficiently enable you to get back on your feet after the collision.

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