The “eureka” moment

Silvio Pagliani

It’s always a great pleasure to catch up with Mr Silvio Pagliani, founder of and co-founder and board member of This time Silvio talks about the clients in the luxury properties market, Formula 1, and where he sees growth potential in terms of high-end real estate.

How is LuxuryEstate doing today?

The “eureka” moment to establish an international marketplace of luxury properties was definitely the right move. Today offers more than 400,000 listings in 100 countries, and is the biggest luxury estate web portal in the world, growing between 40% and 50% YoY. With the development of more and more powerful devices and the arrival of the 5G broadband connection, users will be allowed to enter the most beautiful luxury villas and apartments all over the world. It will be like a first visit, and it’s very important for them who are planning to buy abroad.

What’s the most important element in your work with luxury properties, and has that changed over the years?

The key to success still is understanding and forestalling technological changes and news. The development of websites is evolving with the devices, and we always want to offer a service up with the times, using the huge potential of the new technologies.

Have the clients changed in the luxury properties market over the last few years?

Yes, at the beginning of our activities someone said it was impossible to buy luxury properties without a personal, human experience, just through the web. Today, it’s impossible to start the research without digital support. The user approach is totally different.

Singapore seems to be one of the most promising markets these days.

Silvio Pagliani

Which markets, would you say, are the fastest-growing ones at the moment?

I would say these are markets where people build new properties: this means Asian South East, Middle East (above all Arabic Emirates).

How does Europe compare with the USA and Asia in your sector?

The European market is based on a system of renovation and substitution of luxury properties; it’s an old continent. It’s difficult to find, for instance, new high standing properties in Rome, Paris or London. It’s easier instead to find them in Asia, in countries such as Vietnam.

The USA market is a mix of both new constructions (for example, the North of Miami) and renovated houses (such as in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco).

Where else do you see market growth potential?

Singapore seems to be one of the most promising markets these days.

What would make a company like yours start a business relationship with Formula 1?

We’re very close to the target audience that travels to attend the races live. They’re high-spending people who are very interesting for the luxury properties market. We’re talking about high-net-worth individuals who love various luxury items, cars, and estates. A business relationship with Formula 1 could contribute to reduce the separation between listings online and the final sell, which are still far away from each other.

How do you personally see the industry of Formula 1 today?

After many years of a certain type of management, Liberty Media are changing this industry, in particular aiming to increase the target audience worldwide, in the USA in particular, where Formula 1 was not so popular, and where people were mostly interested in just the local races.

Eventually, Formula 1 is destined to become an all-inclusive worldwide event, like the world football championship. The new extended horizon, from Europe to the rest of the world, will contribute for sure to the successful growth of the industry.

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