The heyday of motorcycle racing and eSports in 2022


Sports and video games undeniably share a strong bond. It also seems like fans of both of these activities are often seen in the same circles. It is hard to pinpoint why exactly many gamers are fascinated with sports like motorcycle racing. Our best bet would be to think that it all deals with adrenaline and the desire to feel the speed. It also helps that there are quite a few successful championships that test players’ abilities and skills.

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A couple of years ago, video games were partially frowned upon; now, they can turn into a successful career. This is specifically true for motorcycle racing and all the gamers who are fascinated with this sport. To fuel the overall fascination with eSport today, we are taking a closer look at the development of this sphere and its modern popularity. 

What is eSport: Everything You Need to Know

Before we dive deeper into motorcycle racing, we have to know a little bit more about eSports. If you don’t already know, these types of sports are concerned more with digital championships and video games. Overall, it is a form of competition that involves many players who meet in the same location and show their skills while playing. That’s true; there are no boundaries to four types of games, depending on the popularity of games today. They can try everything from motorcycle racing to online games and even slots. For instance, in 2022, online casinos have achieved great development. For players, the most pleasant playing conditions have been created in the best online casino, where you can get big wins and emotional inspiration. Truly, gambling is an exciting sport on its own. Therefore, it is completely up to the players whether they want to enjoy traditional games or gambling ones. Check out available championships and see what gets you going. 

Why Do Players Like Digital Motorcycle Racing?

Our best guess would be connected with the adrenaline from riding online. Even though it is technically not the same as riding an actual motorcycle, it is quite similar in terms of emotions, speed, and overall excitement. Players like Lorenzo Daretti and many others prove time and time again that eSports Championships are just as fascinating as real-life ones. Besides, it also helps that in the modern world, you can even compete in the comfort of your own house. 

We also believe that the flow and the overall experience of users are also crucial. When you enter one of these games, including MotoGP, you finally feel like a real biker. Naturally, it also helps that the game is not as aggressive as the real deal. It allows you not only to race or win but also to feel entertained. There is a little bit of music, a lot of fun, and spectators. Overall, in some ways, a video game has even more to offer than a traditional motorcycle ride. 

Possible Future of Motorcycle Racing and eSports


Many now say that championships and games like MotoGP are blurring the lines between video games and reality. Even though it is quite challenging to pinpoint core differences, the level of excitement seems to be the same. However, you’re not in the same level of danger while playing online. You’re not risking your life or willing to endure any injuries. Moreover, sheer novelty is something that also draws many people in. Therefore, perhaps in the future, we will expect even more uses of virtual reality to even further blur the line between real motorcycle racing and electronic sports. Considering the overall popularity of many championships and games, it is definitely more than possible. Lastly, bikers who tried both types of this sport understand that it comes with freedom and thrills. This is definitely something that video games will have to explore in the future to compensate for risks. As previously mentioned, VR will definitely help with this point. 

Final Thoughts

In short, motorcycle racing is definitely conquering the world of video games. There are more and more games that appear. If only several years ago such games were rather far away from reality, they are completely different now. You feel as if you’re actually riding a motorcycle. Nothing distracts you from pure adrenaline and fun. Nevertheless, you’re also getting a chance to have fun and feel entertained. Not to mention that the majority of championships that deal with electronic sports also offer substantial prizes. In the future, we can hopefully expect even more realism with the usage of virtual reality and other modern technologies. 

Helen Birk

Helen Birk is not only a successful writer but a professional player. She shares a fascination for online casinos and eSports with many of our readers. Precisely her interest in games makes her articles so compelling.

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