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It’s a pleasure to welcome Griselda Foguet, who’s the Corporate Hospitality Manager at Dorna Sports, a company taking care of MotoGP. Griselda speaks to us of the problems and updates in her market, the strategies behind MotoGP hospitality and a few other affairs.

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How did you end up at Dorna Sports and what made you stay in MotoGP?

I ended up at Dorna Sports by a sort of coincidence, actually. I was in fact looking for a new professional challenge in the sports management sector, where I could build up my skills and experience in the hospitality and marketing areas. The opportunity to become part of Dorna popped up and I decided to take a chance on it.

Tell us about the fun factor in your work. 

What’s most fun in my work is being involved in an always very energetic and dynamic atmosphere with a peculiar focus on innovation and creativity. All Dorna’s business areas (events, media and commercial) are growing and thankfully we are achieving good results that keep us enthusiastic in what we do.

I think our riders are the real heroes here, the main actors behind such solid interest.

How do you keep being creative in day-to-day affairs or big picture stuff?

Simply put, we are conscious to deliver a VIP product with different content that has to always be in perfect harmony with our customers, and that’s our main goal. Our clients (of all types and categories) are demanding these days and they are definitely keeping themselves updated about the latest trends in hospitality services, so we look after this carefully as not succeeding is just not an option.

How is the MotoGP hospitality sector different from other hospitality sectors?

It’s not that different when you’re not a part of it, but I believe our strength is that our corporate hospitality experience is closely connected to very exciting racing indeed, which other racing series can sometimes lack.

Nowadays corporate hospitality is one of the most useful tools for companies to reinforce and strengthen business relationships as well as a perfect opportunity to deliver a proper message to customers and partners.

We treat our hospitality matters as an essential part of the show, always pushing the limits to provide the guests with amazing ways to experience the intense drama on the track.

How is the racing hospitality market changing?

It’s obvious that hospitality businesses need to adapt to global business trends to be able to offer a good product for different brands and to approach different markets and territories.

There are many tendencies in this sector at the moment, so you have to be quick to react to changes and also exceed the clients’ expectations at the same time.

MotoGP has been praised for exciting racing and great fan engagement recently. What’s the secret, in your opinion?

Yes, MotoGP has become a great spectacle in recent years. I think our riders are the real heroes here, the main actors behind such solid interest, they have millions of fans who let them know that this kind of racing is what excites the masses. New platforms helped to reach out to more and more people and technology makes it easier to provide the world with a unique media show.

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