The Point.1888 and Williams Racing sign a licensing agreement

The Point.1888 and Williams Racing sign a licensing agreement

Williams Racing is pleased to announce signing an agreement with The Point.1888 to help drive its brand licensing program.

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The Point.1888 will work with Williams Racing to extend its licensing operation using a retail-first methodology, creating an extensive range of new products for the Williams fanbase. Their technique to reverse engineer the licensing process and to select licensees that align with Williams’ core values was a key factor behind the signing.

Matching the team with the right companies will open a host of new opportunities for engagement on a global scale, helping boost revenue and brand affiliation for Williams Racing.

Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director for Williams Racing said:

We are excited to have The Point.1888 onboard to extend our brand licensing program and to enable us to work with businesses we never thought we would. Through careful consideration of the types of products that will suit our purpose and values, we have the opportunity to increase our fan base and build on our brand affiliation. We look forward to working with The Point.1888 and seeing the incredible results.

Hannah Stevens, Head of Retail & Sports at The Point.1888, said:

As a huge F1 fan, I have admired the Williams Racing team for many years and I’m thrilled to be able to work with them on this iconic sporting brand as they take their first major steps into the world of licensing and help fans to find new ways to engage with this incredible sport.

About The Point. 1888

The Point.1888 is the next generation of brand licensing. Matching brands with retailers and manufacturers to create powerful new products, The Point.1888 helps its clients boost revenue, brand awareness, consumer engagement, and brand love.

It also donates 11% of its profits each year to charities that have an emotional connection to each collaboration.

Borne from Joseph Miller & Sons Ltd, The Point.1888 is a fifth-generation family company with 130 years of experience in bringing products to market.

It believes that making more money and getting closer to customers is easy when you have the right partner. You go out of your comfort zone, create something new and work with businesses you never thought you would. And the results can be incredible. That’s The Point(.1888) of brand licensing.

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