The Strategy Behind… pumping the music louder.

Jane Reece, Keanu Reeves, Ginger Leigh, Gard Hollinger

Jane Reece, Keanu Reeves, Ginger Leigh, Gard Hollinger

The entertainment and design of the Austin Formula 1 party in Blu is always new and fresh each year. With regard to change, marketing efforts in general across all of the F1-related industries here will be increased since Austin is now competing with Mexico City for Formula 1 fans in the region. Paddock magazine is joined by Ginger Leigh, Executive Producer and Marketing Director of Formula VIP Events, who writes about the exquisite Formula 1 parties in the USA.

Events and prospects

Austin has many high-end gatherings throughout the year, but Formula 1 race weekend is unique in that there are a lot more international guests and celebrities in one place. At Blu, many people of Austin enjoy being side by side with interesting personalities from around the world, gathered together in their best fashion for a stunning, dressy New York or Las Vegas style after party with incredible lighting production and entertainment.  The champagne flows a bit more than usual, the camera flashes a little more often and the music is pumped a little bit louder. It’s kind of a perfect recipe!

I have encountered more and more people in the US who are becoming dedicated fans of Formula 1 and are planning to be here in October for the race, as well as the Blu after party. Throughout the year, we have multiple inquiries from fans, guests and sponsors. This being true, I would still like to see more education and marketing about Formula 1 on a local and national level, certainly. I think it takes detail about the technology of these incredible vehicles to get more people interested. On a personal level, I notice how much the interest increases when I talk about the mechanics, science, technology of the cars themselves and of course the nightlife that follows the race. There are still too many Americans and specifically Austinites who know nothing about Formula 1.  Our team is always dedicated to educating more of our community!

There is an incredibly important place in motorsports for electronic technology.

What about electricity?

I think there is an incredibly important place in motorsports for electronic technology! I applaud Formula E for paving the way in electronic racing. As for Formula 1, one of the things I have always admired is the use of energy collection technology (KERS, for example) and I think the newer technology being used is beyond interesting and commendable. The fact that Formula 1 uses better and better clean technology ultimately can lead to regular use road vehicles having better, cleaner systems. However, if Formula 1 cars become “too clean”, using more turbocharge, electronics and less fuel and cylinders, there will be a lot of disappointed fans who look forward to getting their own charge from the ear-piercing high pitch and vibrations that so defines an F1 experience at the track.

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