These Motocross gear mistakes can be the difference between life and death!


As much as the right training and knowledge of tracks are important to ensure you don’t find a hospital bed, choosing the right gear is no less. 

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That is why you must give equal weightage to selecting the right gear before heading out to conquer the tracks. So, what are the mistakes you must avoid? How can you steer away from injuries?

Find all the answers in this article!

Avoiding Boots

The most common mistake made by new riders is to purchase equipment like jerseys and pants prior to essential protective gear. We are not against the purchase of motocross-specific pants and jerseys. Safety must be considered first. But there are aspects you must keep in mind too. 

Although helmets are a “no-brainer”, it is amazing to see so many riders riding expensive race equipment and no boots. Motocross boots provide the support you need to withstand sudden twists and impacts to your foot while on a motorcycle tour.

Broken ankles can be very painful. However, the risk of getting them is greatly reduced if you employ the right protection.

To provide adequate protection, the waterproof motorcycle boots don’t need to be the most expensive. You can use any motocross or enduro-specific boots to do the job while introducing yourself to the sport.

Compromising On The Helmet

A poorly fitting helmet is a common mistake that beginner riders make when purchasing their first helmet. You may also be tempted to make excuses like “It will fit later” or “I may never get this deal again”.

While you may have your reasons, it is important to ensure that your helmet fits you correctly. Manufacturers create helmets to ensure it protects the rider who wears it. 

It’s suicide to ride without a helmet. However, a helmet that is too loose or tight will reduce the helmet’s protection.

A loose helmet will move a lot during the impact and turning times in your ride. On the flip side, a tight helmet will give you severe headaches, and you may bite your tongue or cheeks. There will be extreme pressure points on your head that may divert you from riding. 

We recommend that you research the best way to fit a helmet. You can also ask in-store for help.

A Gear That Isn’t For You

A bad decision when buying new motorcycle gear is to purchase stuff that isn’t comfortable. Riders often avoid protection altogether because it is too uncomfortable. Don’t make that mistake.

Make sure you only purchase the gear you love to ride every time you hop on your bike. Remember, safety and comfort above everything else!

Settling With The Wrong Gear

It is easy to overlook the importance of choosing gear that suits your discipline, but it can save you a lot of money in the end. You will need a set of lightweight, ventilated gear for motocross racing. 

If you’re looking to go on an enduro trip where you will be climbing hills like Graham Jarvis and brushing by tree limbs as well as falling on rocks, then you might want to consider an enduro-specific option.

The priority is durability and long-term reliability in the Enduro lineups. These gear sets will not have the same weight or ventilation features as high-end motocross gear, but they will ensure you get out on your ride day feeling comfortable without replacing anything. They may also cost you a few extra bucks. 

Useful Tips To Avoid Injuries

Maintain Your Bike

Maintaining your bike regularly is like taking care of your body. You can experience problems with your bike’s performance that will significantly reduce its safety and increase its efficiency if you don’t have a maintenance schedule.

Avoid Riding In The Rain

The track is slippery, and the vision is hazy. Rains are your bike’s enemy. Yes, these bikes are meant for the wilderness, but it’s more about the track than the weather conditions. 

Water can damage your bike’s internal components, leading to expensive repairs. Worse, you may slip and suffer serious injuries. 

All the more reasons to avoid riding in the rain!

Final Word

Riding with the right protective gear can make sure you don’t suffer serious injuries and make the most of your riding endeavour. So, take cues from the above tips and stay safe while riding!

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