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100 Most Influential People in Formula 1 2017

influential people 2017

1. Chase Carey | Chairman and CEO, Formula One Group

New to the list
Age: 63
Bio: Formula 1 boss, in charge of the whole sport
Google searches last 12 months: 2.5 million

Succeeding Bernie Ecclestone to the top spot, Chase has previously worked in senior positions for News Corp, DIRECTV and 21st Century Fox. He has an overall responsibility for the sport and acts on behalf of Liberty Media.

Carey first came to work with Fox, a News Corporation holding, in 1988. Over the course of the following decade he served as COO of Fox, Inc., and CEO of Fox Broadcasting. During this time he helped launch both Fox Sports and FoxNews. He also served as co-COO of News Corporation, along with Peter Chernin.

During the time that Carey was working for News Corp, the company purchased a 34% controlling interest in Hughes Electronics, which at the time owned DirecTV, a satellite TV provider. Carey had already served on the DirecTV board of directors, and in 2003 he was appointed CEO.

At DirecTV, Carey had plans to add 1 million new subscribers a year, and had met that goal when he left the company six years later. Carey’s tenure at DirecTV was widely considered successful, and the company returned to profitability.

In 2006, News Corporation sold its controlling interest in DirecTV to Liberty Media, in exchange for News Corp shares.
In June of 2009 it was announced that Carey would be leaving DirecTV and returning to News Corp. He assumed the posts of President and COO that had been held by Chernin, as well as the post of Deputy Chairman.

In August 2011 Rupert Murdoch tipped Carey to be his successor as CEO of News Corporation. It was previously assumed that Murdoch’s son James would succeed him. In 2013, Carey was announced as the COO of 21st Century Fox, the legal successor of News Corporation and the owner of most of its film and television properties, News Corporation’s print media and Australian assets being spun off as News Corp. In 2015, Carey was re-assigned as executive co-chairman, while James Murdoch became CEO. Carey resigned this position in July 2016 to become a consultant to Fox.

2. Ross Brawn | Managing Director, Motor Sports for the Formula One Group

Back to the list
Age: 62
Bio: In charge of the sporting matters
Google searches last 12 months: 1.9 million 

Ross is a highly respected member of the Formula 1 community, reporting directly to Chase Carey.

Being a former motorsport engineer and Formula 1 Team Principal, Ross Brawn has worked for a number of Formula 1 teams, serving as the technical director of the championship-winning Benetton and Ferrari teams. He took a sabbatical from the sport in 2007 but returned to Formula 1 for the 2008 season as Team Principal of Honda. He was the owner of the Brawn GP team, which acquired the Honda team in early 2009, and won the Formula One Constructors and Drivers Championships in that year. Mercedes bought into the team in November 2009, making Brawn Team Principal and Co-Owner with Nick Fry. In 2011 Brawn and Fry sold the remaining shares to Mercedes Benz, with Brawn remaining as Team Principal. In November 2013, it was announced that Brawn would step down, and the reins would be handed over to a management team consisting of Paddy Lowe and Toto Wolff. Following speculation linking him with other teams, Brawn announced his retirement from Formula 1 in February 2014.

Teams with Brawn in an essential role have won, in total, 8 constructors’ championships and 8 drivers’ championships. On 23 January 2017, it was announced that Ross Brawn was appointed to the newly created role of Managing Director, Motor Sports for the Formula One Group.

3. Sean Bratches | Managing Director, Commercial Operations

New to the list
Age: 67
Bio: Part of the powerful Formula 1 trio, in charge of commercial affairs
Google searches last 12 months: 0.9 million

Sean Bratches comes from a TV background at ESPN and he’s now responsible for all commercial decisions in the sport which covers sponsorship, TV, hospitality, Formula 1 experiences and communications, reporting directly to Chase Carey.

Bratches is part of the powerful Formula 1 trio that consists of him, Chase Carey and Ross Brawn. This managerial structure has replaced Bernie Ecclestone’s solo style of running the sport.

Being a truly influential figure in the sports business, Bratches was named one of the top 50 most powerful people in sports by the Sports Business Journal. In 2008, he was also inducted into the RIT Sports Hall of Fame for lacrosse and distinguished service.

“I am encouraged by the manifold opportunities to materially grow the business, work closely with current and
future sponsors, race circuits, television rights holders as well as create next-generation digital and on-site race
experiences to best serve the Formula 1 fan,” Bratches noted about his new role of Managing Director of Commercial Operations.

4. Jean Todt | President, FIA

Position last year: 3
Age: 71
Bio: In charge of the rules of Formula 1
Google searches last 12 months: 0.7 million

The lead individual is responsible for the rules of the sport has a profound effect on the future of Formula 1. In October 2009 Jean Todt was elected president of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile following a decade and a half’s rule by Max Mosley.

The Frenchman has enjoyed a famously successful motorsport career, with tenures at Peugeot and Ferrari, winning World Championships in the WRC, Sportscars, Le Mans and Formula 1. Educated in Paris, Todt began his career in motorsport when he navigated for a friend in his father’s Mini Cooper S. He oversaw World Rally Championship titles with Ari Vatanen in 1985 and 1986 with Peugeot Talbot Sport and later, still with Peugeot, won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1992 and 1993.

Todt stated in May 2017: “Today I am proud to announce to all FIA club presidents my decision to run for a third presidential term at the FIA. If I had a lot of resistance not to go for election, my decision would be much easier because I will then decide that I will go. But a lot of people who voted for me are pushing me to go for another


5. Dr Dieter Zetsche | Chairman, Daimler AG

Position last year: 4
Age: 64
Bio: Owner of Mercedes F1, has a big influence on the German GP
Google searches last 12 months: 0.5 million

The boss of Daimler, owner of the championship-winning team Mercedes AMG Petronas. A big influencer in the German Grand Prix! He is credited with instigating a great sea change in the fortunes of DaimlerChrysler and masterminding the demerger of the two companies in 2007, becoming Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The company’s importance to the continuation of Formula 1, as an engine supplier and manufacturer, cannot be underestimated, and as it stands, Dr Dieter Zetsche appears happy to continue with Mercedes’ involvement in the sport.

“Dieter Zetsche pursues and implements the right strategy not only aligned with the supervisory board. He also
can make employees enthusiastic for the demanding targets of the group”, said Manfred Bischoff, Chairman of
the Supervisory Board of Daimler AG after extending Zetsche’s contract until 2019.

6. Sergio Marchionne | CEO of Ferrari, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


Position last year: 5
Age: 64
Bio: Major decision maker in Ferrari’s future
Google searches last 12 months: 1.5 million

CEO of Ferrari’s parent company and a major decision-maker in Ferrari’s future, Sergio is an Italian-Canadian executive widely known for his turnaround of the Italian automotive group Fiat and, more recently, for managing the US automotive group Chrysler from bankruptcy to profitability.

Marchionne currently holds several roles of major importance, including serving as CEO of Fiat S.p.A., Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, and Chairman of CNH Industrial N.V. and its principal subsidiary CNH. He is also a member of the Peterson Institute for International Economics as well as Chairman of the Italian Branch of the Council for the United States and Italy.

He attended the prestigious St. Michael’s College School, before moving on to complete his undergraduate studies
in philosophy at the University of Toronto and then earning a Bachelor of Commerce in 1979 and an MBA in 1985,
both from the University of Windsor and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in 1983.
Marchionne received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Walsh College in 2013.


7. Dietrich Mateschitz | Co-founder, Red Bull

Position last year: 6
Age: 72
Bio: Owner of the championship-winning Formula 1 team
Google searches last 12 months: 0.4 million

From marketing man at a German cosmetics company to owner of the world’s biggest energy drink and a championship-winning Formula 1 team. Red Bull revolutionised the way we view modern-day sports marketing. By underwriting a number of extreme sports competitions and sponsoring athletes in alternative fields, the company established its reputation within a consumer demographic. It was exactly this, which brought Dietrich Mateschitz to
Formula 1. Following sponsorships of Gerhard Berger and a majority stakeholding in Sauber, Mateschitz bought
the assets of Ford’s Jaguar-branded team (formerly Stewart) and set about turning it into a powerful force. It was
unclear at some points whether this was just another marketing gimmick for a company desperate to exploit
a number of markets that Formula 1 was exploring, but once the championship points started rolling in, Mateschitz’s
the intention was clear.

In May 2009, he founded a German football club called RB Leipzig and was named as owner. Since 2012, he is
the owner of the German ice hockey club EHC München, which also changed its name to Red Bull München. He
also owned Seitenblicke, Austria’s top society magazine, but avoids the celebrity circuit and watches most Formula
1 races on TV despite owning two teams.

8. Toto Wolff | Executive Director of Mercedes F1

Position last year: 7
Age: 45
Bio: Executive director at Mercedes AMG Petronas, current champions
Google searches last 12 months: 1.8 million

On November 20, 2009, it was announced that Toto Wolff, a former racing driver, had bought a share of the Williams F1 and joined the board of directors of the team. He reportedly owned 16% of the shares and listed
the company as the first F1 Team on the Frankfurt Stock exchange. After an eight-year winless streak, Wolff led
Williams to a Grand Prix victory in Barcelona in 2012. In 2012 he was named Executive Director of Williams F1. On
On January 21, 2013, it was announced that Wolff had parted ways with Williams F1 to become an executive director
of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team. In addition to joining the team, he will also acquire a “significant
minority interest” in the team. Wolff is expected to take over the coordination of all Mercedes-Benz motorsport
activities, a responsibility previously held by Norbert Haug.

Wolff sold his remaining shares of the Williams team in 2016. His other investments include BRR Rallye Racing,
one of the largest rally parts dealers in Europe. Wolff is also co-owner of a sports management company with
Mika Häkkinen and was involved in the management of racing drivers such as Bruno Spengler, Alexandre Premat
and Valtteri Bottas.

9. Bernie Ecclestone | Chairman Emeritus of Formula 1

Position last year: 1
Age: 86
Bio: Still a big influencer despite not being at the very top anymore
Google searches last 12 months: 5.4 million (highest on the list)

Dropped from the first position in 2017, Bernie Ecclestone is still a major influencer, but his power has significantly reduced since Liberty Media took over.

Without Ecclestone there would be no Formula 1; without Formula 1, there would be no Ecclestone. The sport has had many progressives, transforming a disorganised and dangerous gentleman’s pursuit into a global sporting phenomenon, but none possessed the vision and tenacity of one Bernard Charles Ecclestone. It remains to be seen what will happen when Ecclestone eventually steps out of the sport for good, but it’s doubtful that just one person could or in fact should, again, lead Formula 1 single-handedly.

On 23 January 2017, it was announced that Bernie Ecclestone had been replaced by Chase Carey as chief executive
of the Formula One Group, though he has been appointed as Chairman Emeritus and acts as an adviser to
the board.


10. Carlos Ghosn | CEO Renault-Nissan

Position last year: 10
Age: 63
Bio: Took a big decision to buy the Lotus F1 team when they were in a difficult place. It’s great to see Renault back in the sport and no doubt they will continue to improve as the season goes on.
Google searches last 12 months: 0.3 million

Carlos took a big decision to buy the Lotus F1 team when they were in a difficult place. It’s great to see Renault back in the sport and no doubt they will continue to improve. Chairman and CEO of Paris-based Renault, he holds the
chairman position at Japan-based Nissan, which together produce more than one in 10 cars sold worldwide. Carlos
Ghosn is also Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the strategic partnership overseeing the two
companies through a unique cross-shareholding agreement. After his radical restructuring of Renault that returned
that company to profitability in the late 1990s, Ghosn became known as “Le Cost Killer”.

In the early 2000s, for orchestrating one of the auto industry’s most aggressive downsizing campaigns and
spearheading the turnaround of Nissan from its near bankruptcy in 1999, he earned another nickname, “Mr Fix It”.

11. Christian Horner | Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Position last year: 11
Age: 43
Bio: The Red Bull Racing’s leader has become a major player in the sport.
Google searches last 12 months: 1.3 million

Once rumoured to be Bernie Ecclestone’s successor, Christian successfully leads the Red Bull Racing team and has the trust of Dietrich Mateschitz, who works side by side with Helmut Marko.

12. Maurizio Arrivabene | Team Principal of Ferrari F1

Position last year: 12
Age: 60
Bio: An old face in Formula 1 given his previous role for Philip Morris.
Google searches last 12 months: 1.1 million

Ex-Head of Sponsorship for Philip Morris, Maurizio has the respect of the team and has already made strides towards getting back to the top.

Through his work with Philip Morris, he became involved with the company’s sponsorship (through the Marlboro brand) of the Ferrari team and sat on the Formula One Commission as a representative for all the sport’s sponsors from 2010.

13. Niki Lauda | Non-executive Chairman, Mercedes Benz

Position last year: 13
Age: 68
Bio: His experience as a racer and latterly in a management role means he is a highly valued member of the team
Google searches last 12 months: 1.1 million

Well respected at Mercedes AMG Petronas and a key influencer with both drivers, his experience as a racer and latterly in a management role means he is a highly valued member of the team. Niki has seen it all – he gave his Formula 1 debut at his Austrian home race, he signed a deal with legendary Enzo Ferrari, he survived a massive fire accident at the Nürburgring, he won three titles, he was hired by German TV channel RTL as their F1 expert, and he saw his racing career filmed in motion picture sensation “Rush”.

14. Claire Williams | Deputy Team Principal, Williams F1

Position last year: 20
Age: 41
Bio: Head of Williams F1 and the most influential woman in a male-dominated sport
Google searches last 12 months: 0.9 million

Claire takes the role of Team Principal when her father Sir Frank Williams is not present at races which is increasingly the case.

C. Williams was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to Formula 1 racing.

15. Jean-François van Boxmeer | CEO, Heineken International

New to the list
Age: 55
Bio: Head of Heineken, a new influencer in Formula 1
Google searches last 12 months: 0.3 million

Jean-François is head of the global beer manufacturer who partnered with Formula 1 since the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix.

He sits on the Board of Directors of Mondelēz International, formerly known as Kraft Foods, since January 2010, also on the Board of Directors of the Consumer Goods Forum, on the Board of Governors of De Nederlandse Opera, and on the Advisory Board of the Louvain School of Management.

16. Carlos Slim Helú | CEO, Telmex

Position last year: 15
Age: 77
Bio: Once the richest person in the world, supporting teams and drivers
Google searches last 12 months: 0.4 million

Previously ranked as the richest person in the world, he takes a keen interest in Formula 1. Supporting various teams and drivers with sponsorship money and is certainly an influencer in the Mexican Grand Prix together with his son Carlos Slim Domit.

17. Charlie Whiting | F1 Race Director, FIA

Position last year: 16
Age: 65
Bio: In charge of operational decisions
Google searches last 12 months: 0.2 million

Charlie is a familiar face in the sport who has been responsible for operational decisions taken during and around the races. There isn’t much Charlie hasn’t experienced in the sport!

18. Cyril Abiteboul | Managing Director of Renault F1

Position last year: 18
Age: 39
Bio: Head of Renault F1 and one of Formula 1’s top team managers
Google searches last 12 months: 0.7 million

Not a new face to Formula 1, but in his most senior position to date. Eyes will be on Cyril to see how he delivers against his counterparts.

Abiteboul was educated at the Lycée Carnot and Lycée Chaptal high schools in Paris, and went on to study aeronautical engineering at Grenoble INP. In July 2014, after Abiteboul’s departure from the Caterham F1 team, Renault confirmed his return as Managing Director of Renault Sport F1.

19. Mansour Ojjeh | CEO of TAG Group, Co-owner of McLaren

Mansour Ojjeh on the pit wall.


Position last year: 35 
Age: 65
Bio: An important person in the McLaren organisational affairs
Google searches last 12 months: 0.1 million

Mansour has been part of the McLaren set-up for many decades now. There have been some concerns about his health in recent years, but he is very close to the Bahrainis and despite his enormous business success remains a lovely character to be around and an important part of the McLaren organisational affairs.

20. Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa | Crown Prince of Bahrain

Position last year: 22
Age: 47
Bio: Big shareholder in the McLaren group
Google searches last 12 months: 0.1 million

A huge influencer in the appearance of the Bahrain GP on the calendar. He is also a major shareholder in the McLaren Group.

21. Dr Helmut Marko | Motorsport Consultant, Red Bull

Position last year: 23
Age: 74
Bio: An extremely important member of the Red Bull Racing team, overseeing the driver programme at the team and a key advisor to Christian Horner.

22. Sir Frank Williams | Founder, Williams F1

Position last year: 9
Age: 75
Bio: Taking more of a step back given recent health problems, he remains an inspiration to many and continues to run Williams Martini Racing with the increasing support of his daughter Claire.

23. Dr Vijay Mallya | Owner, Force India

Position last year: 17
Age: 61
Bio: Owner of Sahara Force India and one of Formula 1’s characters. Now exited from his corporate role with United Spirits so may have more time to focus on his Formula 1 team.

24. Mike O’Driscoll | CEO, Williams Martini Racing

Position last year: 24
Age: 61
Bio: A humble but impressive figure at Williams F1 Team. A proven businessman having previously been President for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover North America and then returned to the UK to lead Jaguar Cars through the sales process to Tata motors.

25. Zak Brown | Executive Director, McLaren Group

Position last year: 49 
Age: 45
Bio: Ex-CEO of CSM and no stranger to the world of motorsport, Zak is now in his most senior role to date with a tough road ahead as he is tasked with delivering much greater commercial value from a team that is struggling with on-track performance.

26. Jérôme Stoll | President, Renault Sport Racing

Position last year: 26
Age: 63
Bio: A new face in the sport having only been appointed to this position in March 2016. An experienced hand at Renault however having been with the business since the 1980s. He’s watching Renault’s return to Formula 1 with interest.

27. Jonathan Neale | COO, McLaren Group

Position last year: 29
Age: 54
Bio: A low profile individual who has been promoted from leading McLaren Racing to now oversee the Operations at McLaren Group. A key influencer with sponsors of the team too, so a highly valued member overall.

28. Gene Haas | Owner, Haas Racing

Position last year: 30
Age: 64
Bio: New to Formula 1 in 2016 but an experienced hand in motorsport having been involved in NASCAR for many years, Gene made a smart move this year with his Ferrari partnership.

29. Jean-Frederic Dufour | CEO, Rolex SA

Position last year: 33 
Age: 48
Bio: An important and high-profile partnership for FOM not just for the money they are spending, but Rolex is exactly the type of brand that the sport should be attracting. The focus is almost entirely on brand exposure, which makes them a highly visible partner around the circuits.

30. Takahiro Hachigo | CEO, Honda

Position last year: 36 
Age: 58
Bio: A bold move to come back into Formula 1 which was ultimately agreed by Takahiro Hachigo. He’s had some significant challenges with the performance of his engine, but insiders believe it’s just a matter of time before Honda get it right.

31. Lewis Hamilton | Driver, Mercedes F1

Position last year: 37 
Age: 32
Bio: Without doubt, he’s the most marketable driver in the paddock today. Hamilton’s three world championships look to be just a start, but aside from his obvious talent, his personal life attracts significant media attention which can only be a good thing for the sport.

32. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum | CEO and Chairman of Emirates

Position last year: 38 
Age: 58
Bio: Emirates is truly a major partner of Formula One Management, obtaining significant brand exposure from the sport.

33. James Allison | Technical Director, Mercedes F1

Position last year: 50 
Age: 49
Bio: Taking over from Paddy Lowe, James has moved to Mercedes F1 from Scuderia Ferrari as he wanted to live back in the UK.

34. Sebastian Vettel | Driver, Ferrari F1 and GPDA Director


Position last year: 40 
Age: 29
Bio: Seb is a four-time world champion now racing for Ferrari and a key influencer within the GPDA. Previously criticised for not being the biggest character in the sport, he has gradually gained the global confidence of fans on and off the track.

35. Andy Cowell | Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz AMG High-Performance Power Trains

Position last year: 31
Age: 48
Bio: Andy has arguably made one of the biggest impacts in the sport as he has led the team who have without doubt produced the best engine in the sport today, which has in turn been probably the most contributing factor to the success of Mercedes AMG Petronas.

36. Yusuke Hasegawa | Honda, Head of Motorsport

Position last year: 41 
Age: Unknown
Bio: Being a newly appointed individual, Yusuke has a vital role to play with an immediate focus on improving the performance of McLaren-Honda’s Formula 1 engine. Time will tell if he will sink or swim in this difficult role.

37. Sir Jackie Stewart | Former Driver, Rolex ambassador, brand advisor

Position last year: 44
Age: 76
Bio: Sir Jackie may not have driven for many years now, but he is still right in the thick of the sport. He is currently a Rolex Ambassador and an advisor to many potential and existing brands in Formula 1.

38. Guenther Steiner | Team Principal, Haas F1

Position last year: 45
Age: 52
Bio: Guenther has significant experience in Formula 1 at Red Bull Racing, Jaguar Racing and prior to that in WRC for Ford. Steiner was tabbed by Gene Haas himself to lead the new American racing team in Formula 1.

39. Norman Howell | Director, Global Communications, Formula One Management

New to the list
Age: 61
Bio: Promoted from a Head of Digital position at FOM, Norman is indeed a key figure in Formula 1 today and Liberyt Media certainly recognises that.

40. Ian Holmes | Head of Media Rights, FOM

Position last year: 56
Age: Unknown
Bio: Ian plays a vital role at Formula One Management. He’s the key person for all broadcasters and has helped negotiate the majority of TV deals to date. This has delivered a substantial amount of revenue to FOM and in turn for the teams.

41. Christophe Navarre | Chairman and CEO, Moet Hennessy

New to the list
Age: 68
Bio: Christophe is the captain of Moet Hennessy, who are partners of McLaren through the Chandon brand and they’re now solid partners of Formula One Management as well.

42. Fernando Alonso | Driver, McLaren F1

Position last year: 55
Age: 35
Bio: Fernando is one of the most talented drivers in the sport without a shadow of a doubt. He has regularly been caught in a controversy over the years, but he is one of the most respected racers on the track.

43. Datuk Wan Zulkiflee | President and CEO of Petronas

Position last year: 28
Age: 56
Bio: His company is the Title Partner of Mercedes AMG Petronas in an age with a reducing amount of Title Partners. Also the Title Partner for the Malaysian Grand Prix, which is counting its last year in Formula 1.

44. Paddy Lowe | Technical Director, Williams Martini Racing


Position last year: 19
Age: 55
Bio: Recently transferred from Mercedes F1, one of the most prominent engineers of the sport, Paddy Lowe will add significant value at his new home at the Williams team.

45. Robin Fenwick | CEO and founder of Right Formula

Position last year: 47 
Age: 36
Bio: Owner of the fastest-growing Formula 1 agency, Robin and his team has helped to secure a number of new brands into the sport. He boasts a number of big brands in his roster such as SAP, Pirelli, Logitech, Hilton, Sky Sports, Red Bull and BT.

46. Ron Dennis | Shareholder, McLaren Group

Position last year: 8 
Age: 69
Bio: Despite still being an influencer at McLaren, Ron’s power has been significantly reduced from this time last year given his fallout with the other McLaren shareholders.

47. Monisha Kaltenborn | Team Principal, Sauber F1

Position last year: 58
Age: 46
Bio: Not without her challenges both in 2015, last season and this year, Monisha has impressively managed to steer Sauber’s ship through financial worry as their respected Team Principal.

48. Alejandro Soberon Kuri | Chairman and CEO of CIE

Position last year: 59 
Age: 57
Bio: Alejandro is CEO of the entertainment company that deals with Formula One Management and runs the Mexican Grand Prix. Supported by Carlos Slim.

49. Ken Allen | CEO and Chairman, DHL

Position last year: 60
Age: 62
Bio: DHL is a Global Formula 1 Partner of FOM for many years now, and Ken has been handling the partnership perfectly.

50. Matteo Bonciani | Head of F1 Communications, FIA

Position last year: 62
Age: 47
Bio: Matteo plays an important role for the FIA which has already been somewhat challenging this year with the changes in Formula 1 qualifications.

51. Michel Boeri | President, Automobile Club de Monaco

Position last year: 63 
Age: 75
Bio: Alan has been the key influencer at ExxonMobil, responsible for the partnership with McLaren Honda. Kai Decker, Head of Motorsport, ExxonMobil is the day to day contact.

52. Michael Diekmann | Chairman, Allianz SE

Position last year: 39
Age: 62
Bio: Allianz SE is a solid partner of Formula One Management (focusing on the safety car) and Mercedes AMG Petronas. Michael Diekman, former CEO, replaced Helmut Perlet as the chairman in 2017.

53. Franz Tost | Team Principal, Scuderia Toro Rosso

Position last year: 64 
Age: 61
Bio: Franz Tost has led Red Bull Racing’s second team for a number of years now. He is a well-respected individual in the paddock and has helped foster the talent that comes from the Red Bull Development Driver pool.

54. Murray Barnett | Global Head of Sponsorships and Partnerships, FOM

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Murray joins Formula 1 from World Rugby, where he held the position of Chief Commercial Officer. Reporting directly to Sean Bratches.

55. Vinod Kumar | CEO and MD of Tata Communications

Position last year: 43
Age: 52
Bio: TATA is an important technology partner of Formula One Management and Mercedes AMG Petronas. Day-to-day decision making is conducted by Managing Director, F1 Business, Mehul Kapadia.

56. Michael Roche | Executive Director of Singapore GP

Position last year: 65
Age: Unknown
Bio: Michael is responsible for the Singapore Grand Prix which was Formula 1’s first night race and is now one of the most important races for business. Running through the heart of the city, the scenes from this race are quite spectacular and it’s hard to see this race ever leaving the calendar.

57. Patrick Allen | Managing Director of Silverstone

Position last year: 66
Age: Unknown
Bio: Silverstone hosts the home race for the majority of Formula 1 teams. Patrick successfully leads the organisational team behind the famous British circuit.

58. Bobby Epstein | Chairman, Circuit of the Americas

Position last year: 67
Age: Unknown
Bio: Bobby was the key player in bringing Formula 1 back to the United States of America following the Indianapolis race which had its problems.

59. Eric Boullier | Racing Director, McLaren F1

Position last year: 68 
Age: 43
Bio: Former Lotus Team Principal has settled in nicely at McLaren. He is liked and well-respected throughout the paddock.

60. David Coulthard | Former Driver, Presenter, Brand Ambassador, Co-owner of Whisper (C4 Production company)

Position last year: 57 
Age: 46
Bio: David or “DC” as he is known by his friends, is one of the most respected ex-Formula 1 drivers. He works closely with a number of sponsors such as UBS, Mercedes, Hilton, Heineken and Hugo Boss.

61. André Calantzopoulos | CEO, Philip Morris International

New to the list
Age: 68
Bio: PMI reputedly put €100m into Scuderia Ferrari every year. It’s a brave decision given they are the only company representing the tobacco industry involved in the sport.

62. Prince Al Tareq Al Ameri | CEO, Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management

Pinnacle: al-tareq-al-ameri-ceo-admm


Position last year: 69
Age: 38
Bio: Abu Dhabi, being the last race of the year, has become one of the must-see events of the calendar. ADMM have spent more on this circuit than any other country, that’s why the team delivers a real spectacle for the fans!

63. Romain Grosjean | Driver, Haas F1 and Director, GPDA

New to the list
Age: 31
Bio: Currently racing for the Haas F1 Team, Romain has just become of the three directors of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

64. Jean-Francois Theatre | CEO, Spa Francorchamps

Position last year: 72
Age: Unknown
Bio: Spa is possibly the best of the “drivers’ race tracks” with perhaps the most famous corner of the sport – “Eau Rouge”, and Jean-Francois does a great job managing the circuit.

65. Sir Patrick Head | Co-founder, Williams Martini Racing

Back to the list
Age: 70
Bio: Partner to Sir Frank Williams, Patrick has been recently knighted for his services and innovations in motorsport.

66. Fernando Haddad | Mayor of Sao Paulo

Position last year: 74
Age: 54
Bio: Fernando is the mayor of Sao Paulo and a key player in the renewal of the Brazilian Grand Prix which has been extended until 2022.

67. Kimi Räikkönen | Driver, Ferrari F1

Position last year: 75
Age: 37
Bio: Kimi is absolutely unique in many ways, but his talent is undeniable. The Ice Man has won one championship in 2007 with Ferrari but has also raced for Sauber, Lotus and McLaren in the past.

68. Mattia Binotto | Chief Technical Officer, Scuderia Ferrari

New to the list
Age: 47
Bio: Mattia has taken over from James Allison; he’s trusted by the team and is so far enjoying Scuderia Ferrari’s resurgence in 2017.

69. Subrata Roy Sahara | Co-owner, Force India F1

Position last year: 92
Age: 68
Bio: Founder and Chairman of Sahara India and one of India’s most influential businessmen, Subrata took a 42.5% stake in the Formula 1 team in 2011.

70. Zsolt Gyulay | President and CEO of Hungaroring

Position last year: 76
Age: 52
Bio: One of the races that’s a real hidden gem. Not the most popular of all the venues, but Zsolt’s team do a great job to deliver an amazing event in beautiful Budapest.

71. Hermann Tilke | Director, Tilke GmbH

Position last year: 52 
Age: 62
Bio: Still the most popular choice of designer for new Formula 1 circuits, Tilke has created some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

72. Adrian Newey | Chief Technical Officer, Red Bull Racing

Position last year: 70 
Age: 58
Bio: A legendary designer for Red Bull Racing, Adrian is probably less involved today than he’s ever been as he concentrates on other projects.

73. Sheikh Salman | CEO, Bahrain International Circuit

Position last year: 78
Age: 47
Bio: Working hand in hand with the Crown Prince to deliver a great event in Bahrain, Sheikh Salman is a true motorsport business expert and a sincere Formula 1 fan.

74. Kate Beavan | Head of Hospitality, Experiences and Packages, FOM

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Recently promoted to this new position, Kate now has the responsibility for the Paddock Club hospitality and the F1 Experiences.

75. John Allert | Group Brand Director, McLaren

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Reporting to Zak Brown, Allert has assumed the Group Brand Director role especially given that Ekrem Sami (ex-CEO, McLaren Marketing) has left the team.

76. David Webb | President, JMI

Position last year: 81
Age: Unknown
Bio: David has taken over from the founder Zak Brown who is now at McLaren. JMI helps to bring many big sponsors into Formula 1.

77. Daniel Ricciardo | Driver, Red Bull Racing

Position last year: 82
Age: 27
Bio: Still relatively new on the scene, Daniel is one of the most likable drivers who clearly has immense talent.

78. Rob Thomas | COO, Mercedes F1

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Rob is part of the management team that provides guidance on all business matters for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

79. Barney Francis | Manging Director, Sky Sports

Position last year: 84 
Age: 45
Bio: Two-time FIA broadcaster of the year, who has secured exclusive TV rights from 2019 in the UK. Sky are really leading the charge in terms of TV coverage in Formula 1.

80. Katja Heim | Head of KHP Consulting, COO of Circuit of the Americas

Position last year: 87
Age: 57
Bio: COTA has had a much stronger presence since Katja’s arrival in 2016, based on her 30-year experience advising circuits around the world.  She still acts as CEO of KHP Consulting.

81. Azad Rahimov | Minister of Youth and Sport, Azerbaijan

Position last year: 85 
Age: 52
Bio: Azad is the captain behind the newest race on the Formula 1 calendar. Azerbaijan has a clear mandate to put the city on the worldwide motorsport map.

82. Lucia Pennesi | Commercial and Marketing Director, Ferrari Gestione Sportiva

27.05.2017 – Women in Motosport programme, Lucia Pennesi, Ferrari Commercial and Marketing Director and Francesca Venturi, Ferrari R&D engineer.

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Responsible for the Scuderia Ferrari marketing team, she has the ear of Sergio Marchionne and so is highly influential within the team.

83. Elena Zaritskaya | CEO, ​NPJSC Centre Omega, owner of Sochi Autodrom

Position last year: 86
Age: Unknown
Bio: It’s Elena’s second year in charge of the Russian Grand Prix. That’s a huge responsibility given how close Putin stays to this race.

84. Mark Hughes | Head of MRK1 Consulting

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Working on more international tracks than any other circuit operator, Mark Hughes is currently developing tracks in three of the largest automotive markets in the world, two of which would be capable of hosting Formula 1 in the future.

85. Martin Brundle | Expert Analyst at Sky Sports

Position last year: 90
Age: 57
Bio: Martin is an ex-Formula 1 driver and simply one of the most respected journalists out there. He was a commentator for ITV Sport from 1997 to 2008, the BBC from 2009 to 2011, and joined Sky Sports in 2012.

86. Felipe Massa | Driver, Williams Martini Racing

Position last year: 91
Age: 36
Bio: One of the great drivers who have so often played the supporting role, now the lead driver at Williams Martini Racing since coming out of arguably the shortest retirement in Formula 1’s history.

87. Lawrence Stroll | Investor and Owner, Circuit Mont-Tremblant

New to the list
Age: 67
Bio: Lawrence has helped finance his son’s drive in Formula 1 this year, and he’s very close to the Williams Martini Racing Team for obvious reasons. He could also add further value to Formula 1’s future in Canada.

88. Robert Fernley | Deputy Team Principal, Force India F1

Position last year: 94
Age: 58
Bio: Bob is Vijay Mallya’s right-hand man and a close friend, he’s one of the key decision-makers at Force India F1.

89. James Allen | Journalist, blogger

Position last year: 95
Age: 50
Bio: Arguably the most respected business journalist in the sport and usually the favourite among Formula 1 bloggers.

90. Goh Choon Phong | CEO, Singapore Airlines

Position last year: 96
Age: 54
Bio: Sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix and Sauber F1 Team, Singapore Airlines is rumoured to be looking at bigger opportunities within the sport.

91. Bob Dudley | CEO, BP Castrol

New to the list
Age: 61
Bio: BP Castrol is new to the sport in 2017, having a significant (R&D + cash) investment with Renault F1 Team and McLaren Honda.

92. Enrico Zanarini | Founder and head of Media & Sport Management Ltd.

Position last year: 88
Age: Unknown
Bio: A recognised and respected as a specialist in driver management and sponsorship acquisition, Enrico is the Director of Media Sport Group.

93. Yath Gangakumaran | Head of Strategy, FOM

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Reporting to Sean Bratches, Yath took the role of looking at new races, the timing of races and other areas to “enhance the show”.

94. Otmar Szafnauer | COO, Force India F1

New to the list
Age: 52
Bio: Otmar has been operating in Formula 1 for many years, and has been instrumental in Force India’s rise of form over recent years.

95. Frederico bendinelli | SIAS Consultant

Position last year: 71
Age: 75
Bio: Frederico is an important lawyer with the specific mandate to manage the Italian Grand Prix.

96. James Key | Technical Director, Toro Rosso F1

New to the list
Age: 45
Bio: James is the principal technical contact at Toro Rosso, working hand in hand with his Red Bull Racing counterparts.

97. Rob Smedley | Head of performance engineering, Williams Martini Racing

New to the list
Age: 43
Bio: Rob was a long-time race engineer for Felipe Massa, but took a much broader role at Williams Martini Racing than when at Scuderia Ferrari. He now reports to Paddy Lowe.

98. Damon Hill | Presenter, former Formula 1 driver

Back to the list
Age: 56
Bio: Sky Sports TV presenter just started the Professional Racing Drivers Association for the athletes involved similar to other sports. He has just signed with Mark Blundell Partners to manage him.

99. Chloe Target-Adams | Global Director, Promoter and Business Relations, Formula 1

New to the list
Age: Unknown
Bio: Chloe has been with FOM since 2009 but has recently been promoted and will report to Sean Bratches. Chloe could be playing a much more hands-on role with promoters, particularly the ones of new venues.

100. Eddie Jordan | Presenter, former Formula 1 team boss

Back to the list
Age: 69
Bio: Channel 4 presenter, musician, businessman and former Formula 1 team boss, Eddie is an influencer with a range of stakeholders in the sport.


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