Top 3 types of motorsports you would want to try

Formula 1 2021: Russian GP

According to the sports marketing agency In-Sport Marketing, at the moment 7,2 million people in the world are involved in motorsports and their number increases by 20-25% every year. According to the agency’s research, motorsports are among the ten most popular sports, along with volleyball and track and field.

This can be seen especially clearly in bookmakers’ offices, where you can bet on the sports of interest. For example, in the 20Bet office not only generous 20Bet bonuses but also large lines on sporting events, including motorcycling. This signals that people’s interest in motorsports is only growing.

Today, we’re going to talk to you about which motorsports are definitely worth a try if you’re interested in the sport.


Short track on motorcycles. Speeds here are much less than in road-ring racing – an average of 70-80 kilometres per hour. But there’s more contact. There’s not much room for overtaking, and the track is never comfortable. Most often the track consists of granite, marble, or dolomite crumb. In winter, riders compete on an icy track. It is very difficult not to fall or collide with an opponent within 4 laps of the track on an oval track. That is why speedway is considered one of the most dangerous sports. But where there is danger, there is adrenaline.

One of the most economically profitable types of motorsports. Tracks do not require much maintenance, inexpensive maintenance, and the price of motorcycles. The sport does not change from year to year, so you can ride one bike for several seasons. A motorcycle that has been racing for many years is no worse on the track compared to a new bike. You can take up this kind of motorsport from as young as 7 years old. Many champions of prestigious road-ring races started on the dusty roads of speedway when they were children.

Road-Ring Racing

The most expensive and fastest discipline. World Championships in this form are considered elite. Here the wild speeds, the powerful roar of the engine, and the pretty Grid Girls. Bikes in the MotoGP royal class have engine displacements up to 1,000 cubic centimetres. The bikes reach speeds of over 300 kilometres per hour. At the same time, you have to fit into a variety of corners.

Every season something changes in the rules. Teams spend millions of dollars a year to equip and upgrade motorcycles. For the world championships, they create special bikes which are not allowed to ride on public roads. It takes a lot of courage to get on such a bike. Accidents on the track are also part of the sport. Although much is done in circuit racing to ensure the safety of the riders, it is considered one of the most deadly sports.


A very difficult technical motorsport for which you need to be good at keeping your balance. Athletes overcome various obstacles without touching them with parts of the body. Motorcycles are very light and have no seats. They have an explosive engine character at low rpm and excellent handling. This allows you to climb huge rocks and steep walls. In the beginning, it will be difficult to jump on a regular roadside sidewall, but after a few sessions, you’ll want to conquer a skyscraper.

You can train on a triathlon bike anywhere – on big city stairs or natural boulders. Previously, competitions were held only on natural tracks. But with the development of the sport, the organizers decided to increase the spectacle and began to come up with artificial obstacles. The track is carefully designed by designers, the obstacles consist of different materials and are shaped like geometric shapes. On the track, you can also find giant letters, huge cans of energy drinks, and an unbelievable size of spools of string.

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