Top 3 most unconventional ideas of Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of FOM, certainly had his fair share of original ideas to improve the sport over the years, and most of them obviously have been keeping this global form of racing alive for decades. However, there are some very unconventional suggestions from the Formula 1 captain that certainly deserve to be remembered. Here are our Top 3 of his most unconventional ideas that never made it to the rule book.

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 Sprinklers: With rain and changing conditions turning the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix into one of the most enthralling races in recent times (as it received most fan votes in 2015), Bernie Ecclestone suggested simulating wet conditions through… sprinklers. The Paul Ricard Circuit, owned by the 85-year-old, already has such a facility installed, albeit for testing purposes.

 Lottery grid: In order to mix the grid and, hence, spice up the show, Formula 1 chief came up with the idea of a lottery grid, with the top 10 positions drawn at random. The idea included giving points for qualifying to prevent the session from being rendered worthless.

 Shortcuts: As if DRS wasn’t enough, Ecclestone discussed a proposal with the teams to allow drivers to take a specific number of shortcuts during the race. While the idea itself was extremely questionable, to say the least, it would have also compromised the safety of drivers.

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