Upcycled Formula 1 Skid Block


Upcycled Formula 1 skid block: when considering materials used in Formula 1 cars, most fans don’t think of wood, however, every F1 car has a rather large piece of wood, no less than 1 meter in length, attached to its underbelly.

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Skid block, or legality plank as it is also known, has been a mandatory safety feature since the mid-1990s; following the tragic death of Ayrton Senna. The wood enforces a minimum ride height which prevents the car’s chassis from touching the track whilst cornering at life-threatening speeds.

Wear & tear and car design tweaks will see Formula 1 teams get through 50 – 100 skid blocks in a typical season. This race-used plank would have been sent to a landfill, however, thanks to upcycling by 2 innovative UK companies; Memento Exclusives and Racing Gold, it’s now being transformed into products for Formula One fans to own.

Upcycled Formula 1 skid block pieces now available from mementoexclusives.com include phone & tablet holders, note pad holders, coasters and even wine bottle holders. Beautifully crafted – each piece comes complete with a certificate of authenticity verifying its Formula 1 heritage. 20% of sales go to Wings for Life; fighting to find a cure for spinal injury.

Price: from  50.00

Available from: mementoexclusives.com

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