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The pinnacle of global motorsport; the FIA Formula 1 World Championship is worth over US$4bn in generated revenue each year. It is for this reason alone that Formula 1 is renowned as the only true annual global sports sponsorship platform. With the sport actively pursuing the rapidly expanding markets of China, Abu Dhabi, the USA, Mexico and now Vietnam, Russia and Saudi Arabia, Formula 1 can boast the involvement of more than 300 world-class companies exploiting the championship’s marketing potential.

For more than 10 years, Paddock Magazine has served as the authoritative voice in the motorsports industry. Paddock Magazine is the only business and lifestyle magazine in Formula 1. Now in its eleventh year of publication, Paddock Magazine brings a sharper focus on the business of Formula 1 as the sport faces one of its most dramatic years. The Paddock will guide readers through the twisting and turning investment routes in Formula 1, whilst comparing the sport to those of its rivals.

Influencers and opinion leaders look to the Paddock Magazine to discover the best products, services and experiences through both editorial and advertising, offered to the high-end motorsports community. Paddock Magazine’s influence and leadership shine even further in signature issues such as 100 Most Powerful People in Formula 1, Private Aviation Annual edition, Sponsorship Agencies Special – indispensable resources that draw widespread praise and high-profile publicity.

Meet The Team
Managing Director


Kipras Sumskas Pilar Celebrovsky Brian Sims Stephen Camp
Editorial Director. Kipras is somewhere between ‘crazy’ and ‘reliable’. Usually, at both ends. Pilar is currently commenting Formula 1 races and working as a digital journalist. Brian’s career spans from being the Marketing Director of two F1 teams to founding the MIA. A truly hardworking writer and blogger of all things Formula 1, Stephen always delivers.

Elle Haus

Simon John O’Brien Jastina Golopolosova Karoly Mehes
An FIA-accredited F1 journalist from Melbourne, Elle has a lot of experience as a media and communications specialist. Simon is the author of our magazine’s Legal Column, which tackles the legal matters of high-end racing.  Jastina has been a sincere fan of Formula 1 for a long time. Last year she began her career as a sports journalist. Károly has been working as a Formula 1 correspondent for the past 25 years.


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