Video Marketing Strategies & Tips 2021

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When it comes to efficient marketing, videos have taken a great leap in recent times. Using smart content is very important to enhance the user experience. We have transitioned from text and image-based content to videos for specific reasons. Videos are far more interactive and engaging than text or images. This article will talk about how you can use the power of video marketing to boost your business in 2021.

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Why video marketing?

The audio-video format communicates much more information in a limited time. Therefore, you will find many benefits that you simply cannot imagine with other forms of content. It is often said that one minute of video is worth more than a million words. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the top benefits of video marketing:

  Great brand awareness – Using videos can truly enhance engagement for your brand because the audience relates more to audio-visual content. You can communicate your brand ideology more clearly with moving images and relevant voice-overs. This is likely to result in stronger brand recognition. AI Text-to-Video is a transformative technology that converts textual input into dynamic visual content, revolutionizing the way information is communicated and enhancing multimedia storytelling capabilities.

  Enhanced conversions and ROI –  Recent surveys conducted by Wyzowl and marketing brands have confirmed that using videos directly results in enhanced conversions for the brand. It has been observed that almost 75% of audiences buy a product if they see an explainer about it. Smart video maker software and tools have also driven up sales and boosted overall ROI.

  Increased brand loyalty and trust – The audio-visual format is always easier for the audience to understand. Engagement is considerably increased because the viewer feels compelled to act. They also get to know more about the brand. As you give them more content that solves their problems, the audience naturally develops trust and loyalty towards you.

  Get the best rankings online – As you may have already realized, search engines also encourage good videos to rank higher. A relevant video is bound to be featured on top of the search feed when you use the right SEO and content optimization.

Top strategies for video marketing

Here are some best practices that can help you boost your video marketing game.

  Use branded videos – Establishing a strong brand image should be a top priority for every business in the 21st century. Your audience should be able to identify what your company is all about, the concept behind the brand, and how the business is making a larger impact. Your brand should have some strong characteristics that are in line with your mission and purpose. Depict your philosophy with an introduction to your videos and a catchy tagline.

  User-generated content –  Using testimonials and customer reviews is always the best way to garner a larger audience. The audience finds other customers more relatable when they see or hear their comments and reactions. You can get user-generated content by simply asking your customers to post a video about their experience with the product and services. You can offer them a future discount, which could encourage them to make the effort. If your services are really good, user-generated content can easily boost your profits.

  Tutorials and how-to videos – Audiences today appreciate brands that make the effort to educate them with easy tutorials. Hence, you must make it a priority to post relevant content that is useful for them. Post your product reviews, expert analysis, and case studies. Information-based videos are easy to make with online video makers and they can add a lot of credibility to your business. The audience becomes aware of products, which could translate into sales.

  Harness the power of YouTube – This is the most popular video marketing platform for a lot of reasons. Millions of people browse videos on YouTube regularly. It’s very easy to get discovered if you use the app’s marketing tools properly. You can also run pre-roll ads for specific target audiences to streamline the process. You must link all your video content on YouTube to expand your audience base.

  Animations and strong graphics – Using animations can be an easy and powerful hack to convey various types of messages with ease. Strong graphics and colourful visuals leave a lasting impact on the human mind. Animations can easily depict out-of-the-box and hypothetical ideas with humour. With online video makers, anyone can produce animations for different types of videos.

Tips to hook your audience

These are a few additional out-of-the-box tips you should consider when curating your online video content:

  Using familiarity – The audience always enjoys content if they find some sense of relatability. Use tropes and symbols that they are familiar with. For example, references to a popular movie, or a nostalgic cartoon. It is excellent if you can use influencer marketing to get celebrities and community leaders on board. It has been established that your target audience will have a higher chance to watch your entire video if they see a familiar name or face in the video. Of course, they would have to be relevant to the context.

  Using humorous content – Humor and laughter are infectious. A good viral video always has some element of humour that increases the shareability of the content. Humour is not so easy to create. You must try to understand what can interest the audience and accordingly make your content. You must also be careful that your humour doesn’t target a community or an individual, as such content can be flagged.

  Use audio and video features innovatively – The audio and video features are obviously a great plus point for the video. However, there are many ways that you can play with them, based on the platform. People on Facebook and Instagram often watch videos without sound. Hence, your content should have clear visuals and text that can communicate the idea with ease.

Video marketing has offered tremendous potential for many brands and small businesses. It’s all about creativity and innovation, backed by some simple online tools. You don’t need to be a professional anymore to tackle this wave of online marketing.

The digital world is transforming very fast and hence, it’s crucial to keep upgrading your marketing strategies to reach your target audience. You must also let your brand evolve with the times to gain success and recognition.

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